Cisco ASR 9000 series – Not supported transceiver PID

When you have inserted Optical Transceiver in Cisco ASR 9000 port, you could get a following warning:


ASR9k-1 LC/0/4/CPU0:May 28 16:29:31.572 :ETHER_CTRL[164]: %PLATFORM-ETHER_CTRL-4-XCVR_WARNING : SFP for port 29 is disabled - Not supported transceiver PID


Software reads Optics EEPROM and performs Security, Type and Product ID (PID). In case something is not matching Optics Transmit Laser will be turned off and following alarm displayed.

In order to make port work there could be necessity to input following command:


transceiver permit pid all


With this command we override the check and the optic is brought up.
As well we can run this command to verify the current interface status:


sh controllers gigabitEthernet 0/4/0/28 internal 
Port Number                   : 28 
Port Type                     : GE 
Transport mode                : LAN 
BIA MAC addr                  : 10f3.1169.08a4  
Oper. MAC addr                : 10f3.1169.08a4 
Egress MAC addr               : 10f3.1169.08a4  
Port Available                : true  
Status polling is             : enabled 
Status events are             : enabled 
I/F Handle                    : 0x0c0007c0
Cfg Link Enabled              : tx/rx enabled 
H/W Tx Enable                 : yes 
UDLF enabled                  : no
SFP PWR DN Reason             : 0x00000000 
SFP Capability                : 0x00000024
MTU                           : 1518
H/W Speed                     : 1 Gbps
H/W Duplex                    : Full
H/W Loopback Type             : None 
H/W FlowCtrl Type             : None 
H/W AutoNeg Enable            : Off 
H/W Link Defects              : (0x00000012) HW_LINK RX_LOS 
Link Up                       : no 
Link Led Status               : Link down -- Red 
Input good underflow          : 0 
Input ucast underflow         : 0
Output ucast underflow        : 0
Input unknown opcode underflow: 0 
Pluggable Present             : yes
Pluggable Type                : DWDM-SFP-5494
Pluggable Compl.              : Compliant
Pluggable Type Supp.          : Supported 
Pluggable PID Supp.           : (Permit All) - Not supported
Pluggable Scan Flg            : false 

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