Dell Networking Cable QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ Breakout Copper Direct Attach Cable 0.5 meter

# Key Highlights
  • Type:40G Passive Breakout Cable
  • Compatibility: Dell Networking compatible
  • Media Type: Passive Breakout Cable
  • Lenght: 0.5m
  • Data Rate: 2.125-41.2 Gbps
  • Temperature: Standard 0°-70°C
  • Low Power Consumption: 0.02W (Typical)
# Pricing & Ordering


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# Quality Assurance

Because of our comprehensive Testing Program, we are confident on quality of our products. Such approach empower us to cover all our products with:

# Key Technical Data
Media Type:

Twinax Cable

DAC Copper Type:


Maximum Distance:


Supported Data Rate:

2.125-41.2 Gbps

Supported Applications:

4 x InfiniBand QDR (32Gbps), 4 x InfiniBand DDR (16Gbps), 4 x InfiniBand SDR (8Gbps), 40G Ethernet (41.25Gbps), 10G Ethernet (10.31Gbps), 10G Fiber Channel (10.52 Gbps), 8G Fiber Channel (8.5 Gbps), 4G Fiber Channel (4.25 Gbps), 2G Fiber Channel (2.125 Gbps)



Temperature Range:

Standard 0°-70°C




+3.3V single power supply

Power Consumption:



1 000 000 Hours


CE, IEEE 802.3ba, QDR InfiniBand, QSFP+ MSA, RoHS, SFF-8431, SFF-8436, SFP+ MSA

Transceiver Type:


# Product Documentation
Dell Networking Compatible 40G-PDAC-QSFP-SFP Datasheet

Dell Networking Compatible 332-1365 40G Passive Breakout Cable is based on our product 40G-PDAC-QSFP-SFP. When You will order it will be encoded to be compatible with Dell Networking equipment and it will be labeled with part number: 40G-PDAC-QSFP-SFP-0.5-DL, where DL means Dell Networking Compatible. Above You can download datasheet of our 40G-PDAC-QSFP-SFP product.

# Product Description

        332-1365 (7H9N2) is Dell Networking Compatible 40GBASE-CR4 QSFP to 4 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable, operating over passive copper cable. 40G Passive breakout cable is equipped with Dell Networking standard compatible QSFP+ transceiver assembly at one end of cable and SFP+ assembly at each end of four breakouts. As passive Breakout cables do not support any electrical transmission signal boosting on regeneration, length of 40G 332-1365 (7H9N2) cable is limited up to 0.5 meters, which is enough to support 40G connections within same or neighboring equipment racks. Dell Networking 40G Passive Breakout cable supports 4 separate fully duplex copper data lanes, which support 2.125-41.2 Gbps multi-rate communication and such applications as 40G Ethernet (41.25Gbps), 10G Ethernet (10.31Gbps). Most popular applications of Dell Networking 332-1365 (7H9N2) Passive Breakout Cables are cost effective close range interconnections within equipment room of telecom operators or data centers, interconnecting LAN or SAN applications with speeds up to 40G.

   Dell Networking 332-1365 (7H9N2) 40GBASE-CR4 QSFP to 4 10GBASE-CU SFP+ direct-attach copper cable is CE/RoHS certified and it is compliant with product safety standards. We perform compatibility tests for Dell Networking compatible 332-1365 (7H9N2) Cable with latest platforms of Dell Networking equipment, which allows us to encode Passive Cable EEPROM memory to be compatible and work seamlessly with Dell Networkingplatforms. However, our Dell Networking 40GBASE-CR4 QSFP Passive Cable complies to QSFP+ Multi Source Agreement SFF-8436 and SFP+ Multi Source Agreement SFF-8432 as well. Because our focus is providing top quality service, we are performing serious quality checks before delivery of products to our customers. As a result, we do parameter measurements and Passive Breakout Cable EEPROM memory data validation tests. For Passive Breakout Cables there can be situations where custom interconnection solutions are required, where one end of the cable is used in one Brand equipment while other end of the cable is used in another Brand equipment and special coding need to be used at the each side of the cable end for smooth interconnection. We will be glad to hear Your requirements – Contact us.