200G-FR4 QSFP56-DD MSA Compatible Module: 200G-QSFP56-2.1

# Key Highlights
  • Type: 200G-FR4 QSFP56
  • Compatibility: Multi-Vendor MSA Compatible
  • Tx/Rx Wavelength: 1271, 1291, 1311, 1331 nm
  • Laser: DFB
  • Modulation: PAM4
  • Fiber Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
  • Connectors: Double LC
  • Optical Budget: 4dB
  • Max. Distance: 2km
  • Data Rate: 212.5 Gbps (4 x 53.125 Gbps)
  • DDM/DOM: Supported
  • FEC Forward Error Correction: Supported
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 6.5W
  • Temperature: Standard 0° – 70°C
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# Quality Assurance

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# Key Technical Data
Media Type:

Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)


Double LC

Supported Data Rate:

212.5 Gbps

Supported Applications:

200G Ethernet (212.5 Gbps)


PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4-level)



CDR (Clock and Data Recovery) chip


Forward Error Correction (FEC):

Host FEC Supported

Minimum Optical Budget:

4 dB

Maximum Distance:


Transmitter Type:

DFB Laser

TX Wavelength:

1270 nm, 1290 nm, 1310 nm, 1330 nm

Tx Wavelength Bandwidth:

4 CWDM Lanes (73 nm 1264.50 – 1337.50nm) (L0 Tx center 1271nm, L1 Tx center 1291nm, L2 Tx center 1311nm, L3 Tx center 1331nm)

Receiver Type:


RX Wavelength:

1270 nm, 1290 nm, 1310 nm, 1330 nm

Rx Wavelength Bandwidth:

4 CWDM Lanes (73 nm 1264.50 – 1337.50nm) (L0 Tx center 1271nm, L1 Tx center 1291nm, L2 Tx center 1311nm, L3 Tx center 1331nm)

Average Launch Power (Min) Each Lane:

-4.2 dBm

Average Launch Power (Max) Each Lane:

4.7 dBm

Extinction Ratio (Min):

3.5 dB

Average Receiver Sensitivity (Min) Each Lane:

-8.2 dBm

Average Receiver Sensitivity (Max) Each Lane:

4.7 dBm

Receiver Overload:

4.7 dBm

Temperature Range:

Standard 0°-70°C

Storage Temperature:

-40° to 85°C

Relative Humidity:

0 to 85%

Power Consumption:





200GBASE-FR4, CMIS V4.0, IEEE 802.3bs, QSFP56 MSA, RoHS-6, SFF-8679, CE

# Product Documentation
# Product Description

200G-FR4 QSFP56 is a Multi-Vendor MSA Compatible 200G-FR4 QSFP56 (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable) Transceiver designed for operation over Single-Mode Fiber (SMF). 200GBASE-FR4 QSFP56 has a QSFP form factor, built in 200G PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4-level) DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and module supports four electrical interface lanes, which can operate in 50G PAM4 encoding mode resulting in 200G (4x50G) data rate. 200G-QSFP56-2.1 modules can become handy in Data Center environments where we would have several 200G signals coming from the server side (NICs) which need to be aggregated by the Data Center switch. Module has a minimum guaranteed optical budget of 4 dB, which in most cases is enough to reach 2 km over OS2 singlemode fiber with FEC support. However, distance is just an indicative parameter calculated for comfort of identification. Eventually we calculate distance taking in account minimal optical budget and average attenuation of optical cabling in industry. 200G-FR4 QSFP56 uses 4 channel (1271/1291/1311/1331nm) 53.125 Gbps DFB Lasers and 4 channel (1271/1291/1311/1331nm) 53.125 Gbps PIN photodiode receivers. Module supports DDM/DOM optical diagnostics, which provide diagnostic information about the present operating conditions. 200GBASE-FR4 QSFP56 operates in the standard 0°-70°C temperature range and has a double LC optical connector and 38 pins edge connector for electrical interface. 200GBASE-FR4 QSFP56 supports 212.5 Gbps data rate and such applications as 200G Ethernet.

The 200G-FR4 QSFP56 transceivers are widely used in Mellanox, Intel, Arista, Huawei and other industry well known manufacturers equipment. Transceivers are CE/RoHS certified and are compliant with product safety standards. 200G-QSFP56-2.1 transceiver is fully compliant to 200GBASE-FR4 QSFP56 Multi Source Agreement (MSA), where IEEE 802.3bs defines physical layer specifications of 200GAUI-4 electrical interface and transmitting 2 km over single-mode fiber (200GBASE-FR4) using four parallel wavelengths (CWDM) each at 50 Gbit/s, SFF-8679 defines QSFP+ 4X Hardware and Electrical Specification and additionally module is Common Management Interface Specification CMIS V4.0 compliant. Consequently, compliance to above standards guarantees that module is compatible and works with majority of networking equipment, where is not implemented special algorithm for protection against third party modules. However – we have accumulated expertise in custom-encoded firmware for 200G-QSFP56-2.1 in order to make these modules work in almost any brand of equipment. We will be glad to know your requirements – Contact Us.