10+ Years of Technical Know-How

Connect your Metro Ethernet with confidence

  • Latest ME platforms supported
  • Flexibility via various data rates and form factors
  • Bypass vendor limitations and increase network architecture flexibility

Our transceivers are compatible with all leading vendors:

eCPRI/CPRI Transceivers to Optimize Your 4G/5G Fronthaul

  • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode options
  • Single Fiber and Double Fiber
  • xWDM for C-RAN architecture

Our transceivers are compatible with major RAN vendors:

High-Speed Connectivity for Industry-Leading Data Centre Hardware

  • 400G/100G Transceivers, DAC, AOC, and Breakouts
  • 64G/32G/16G Fiber Channel SAN
  • FDR, EDR, HDR, and NDR Infiniband

Our transceivers are compatible with all leading vendors:

Solutions for the evolution of your Optical Transport Network

  • Transceivers for longer interconnects
  • Passive Multiplexers, OADMs and xWDM transceivers
  • Active transmission solutions

Our transceivers are compatible with all leading vendors:

Seamless Transition to NG-PON

  • Asymmetric XG-PON SFP+ (U:2.5G/D:10G)
  • Symmetric XGS-PON SFP+ (U:10G/D:10G)
  • Conventional 2.5G GPON-OLT SFP

Our transceivers are compatible with all leading vendors:

EDGE Optical Transceivers – First Class!

Compatible with 100+ Networking Brands

Seamless Network Uptime

Cost efficient Network Set-up

Assisting over 2000 customers worldwide!
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