The 2x100G QSFP28-DD (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density) optical transceivers are designed for high-speed optical networking applications such as: Telecom Metro, Telecom Core, Wireless Backhaul and Data Center Interconnect (DCI). QSFP-DD form factor is defined by QSFP-DD MSA and is an evolution in optical transceiver industry from QSFP28 form factor. QSFP-DD form factor when compared with QSFP28 doubles the electrical interface lanes from four (QSFP28) to eight (QSFP-DD). QSFP-DD modules as defined by MSA standard can operate in 50G PAM4 modulation mode resulting in 8x50G (400G) transmission capacity (referred in our industry as QSFP56-DD transceivers) or can operate in 25G NRZ encoding mode resulting in 8x25G (200G) transmission capacity (referred in our industry as QSFP28-DD transceivers). 2x100G QSFP-DD modules support 8x25G NRZ encoding mode (QSFP28-DD) and support 200G data rates.

    Technically 2x100G QSFP28-DD modules consists of two 100G transceivers in one housing which can provide great flexibility for operators in their migration path towards 400G PAM4 infrastructure and help to make necessary interconnections with legacy high density 100G QSFP28 interfaces which use NRZ encoding. Our 2x100G QSFP-DD portfolio consists of transceivers which can operate over Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) or Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF), can be used for connection distances from a couple of meters up to 10 kilometers and can support up to 206.25 Gbps data rate (2×103.125Gbps) and 2x100G Ethernet application. 2x100GBASE-SR4 (PN: 2x100G-QDD-100) module is used for short distance interconnection (up to 100 meters) and have MTP/MPO Connector, 2x100G CWDM4/CLR4 (PN: 2x100G-QDD-2.1) is used for connection distances up to 2 kilometers and have dual CS connector, while 2x100GBASE-LR4 (PN: 2x100G-QDD-10) is used for connection distances up to 10 kilometers and have dual CS connectors. CS connectors have been standardized by CS Consortium and require special CS patch cables.

2 x 100G QSFP

    2x100G QSFP28-DD modules are widely used in Cisco, Juniper, Dell and other industry well known manufacturers equipment. 2x100G QSFP-DD transceiver can work in 80% of networking equipment, where there is no special algorithm for protection against third party modules. However – we have accumulated expertise in custom-encoded firmware for 2x100G QSFP-DD in order to make these modules work in almost any brand of equipment. We will be glad to know your requirements – Contact Us.