Looking for Lenovo compatible SFP modules? You’re in the right place! Check out our wide portfolio for Network Architecture solutions.

Compatible Lenovo portfolio

We provide compatible optical transceiver products that are best known for their exceptional quality and reasonable cost. The compatible Lenovo SFP modules are in high demand by network engineers worldwide, so for ease of identification, we have matched part of our product portfolio with the Lenovo portfolio. The fact that Lenovo networking equipment is open to third-party transceivers makes it simple to expand the below-mentioned limited selection of compatibles and offer many more products that can be used in Lenovo equipment, thereby expanding the options available to network engineers when designing new services. Lenovo compatibility can be provided as well on many more of our products, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Lenovo SFP modules: GE

In this case, we matched our portfolio with common and widespread Lenovo SFP modules such as 1000Base-T Copper and regular Double Fiber. We can configure virtually all of our GE SFP products to be Lenovo SFP compatible, increasing flexibility and providing the necessary components for your solutions.

Lenovo portfolio of 10G SFP+ & DAC

Below we have listed the Lenovo compatible 10G SFP+ transceivers, as well as the Direct-Attach cables. The list is made by matching our products with the portfolio of Lenovo 10G SFP+. We have included DAC cables in distances from 1m to 7m and Double Fiber Short and Long range transceivers (300m, 10km and 40km). But of course, we can provide many more from your interests. Be sure to check out our entire 10G SFP+ portfolio as we can provide cost-effective and high-quality Lenovo compatibility for almost all of our modules.

Compatible Lenovo 25G SFP28

Lenovo 25G optical transceivers ensure smooth and stable network data rate growth following 10G transceiver generation. Below is our compatible Lenovo Double Fiber 25G transceiver. These transceivers are compatible with absolutely any Lenovo SFP28 enabled network device. As the Lenovo 25G supports MSA compatible transceivers we can easily match any Lenovo SKU with our products –25G SFP28.

Compatible Lenovo 40G modules

Here you can find our compatible Lenovo portfolio of QSFP+ modules. The compatible Lenovo QSFP+ module is designed for short-range SR4 applications (150m and 300m distances over OM4) and long-range LR4 (10km distance with CWDM lines: 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm) In addition, we can provide a wide range of 40G QSFP+ transceivers that can be used in Lenovo gear and as well compatible cables for your desired applications.

Compatible Lenovo 100G QSFP28

QSFP28 has become the most popular 100G form factor, and here you can find compatibles of Lenovo 100G products like the compatible Lenovo 100G CWDM4 2km transceiver, the compatible Lenovo DAC cable 100G, and the compatible Lenovo QSFP28 Breakout cable (100G to 4x25G). These aren’t the only compatible Lenovo products we can provide for your 100G ports. For more options, check out our full portfolio of 100G QSFP28 and 100G DACs.