Our Compatible Huawei SFP Modules Range-enables you to save expense on network development while also boosting the flexibility of your solutions.

Compatible Huawei SFP Modules

While the industry is moving toward higher data rates, 1G SFP modules are still widely used in enterprise networking and ISP last mile Ethernet to the home applications. Transceivers are used in a variety of Huawei platforms, including the CloudEngine series, the S Series Switches, and others. Engineers all over the world are familiar with Huawei eSFP and SFP product part numbers and model names, and we have matched Huawei Part Numbers with our compatible Huawei SFP 1G module range below by analyzing Huawei Hardware Descriptions and Huawei SFP compatibility matrix. The most popular Huawei SFP modules with specific SKUs are listed below, but Huawei occasionally lists the same product with different part numbers and model names. Other part numbers and model names used by Huawei for the module can be found by entering a specific product page. For example, the 1000Base-LX module has several names; you can enter the main product and then check out the transceiver type tabe for other product naming variations. We can provide a wide range of Huawei compatibles, such as 1G copper transceivers, BIDI 1G, CWDM modules, and even cSFP (Compact Small Form-Factor Pluggable) transceivers, which allow you to achieve double throughput in the same SFP port by having two BiDi bidirectional streams of traffic, allowing you to get 2xGE out of one SFP port. Our Huawei SFP modules have the same features as OEM modules: excellent reliability, lengths ranging from 550m up to 120km, they support DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) and they are IEEE 802.3z compliant. Check out our portfolio below and be sure to contact us if any questions arise!

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Huawei 1G SFP Module Compatibles

The Huawei GBIC SFP 1G modules are what we call “old but gold class.” We provide our customers with GE copper (RJ45) and optical compatible Huawei SFP modules designed specifically for Huawei platforms. As shown below, we have matched our EDGE products with Huawei eSFP and SFP. The portfolio includes GE products with standard and industrial temperatures and distances ranging from 550m to 120km for MMF and SMF types. Please keep in mind that our portfolio is much broader, and we can offer 1G modules for distances of up to 200km, as well as successfully integrate them to work seamlessly in Huawei platforms.

BIDI Huawei 1G SFP Compatibles

Huawei BIDI SFP compatibles have long been on the market, as they are common in both corporate and ISP Ethernet-to-the-Home networks, and they help save fiber resources for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity by creating 1G connections with a sole single-mode fiber rather than the typical two. Our portfolio includes the same Huawei 1G BIDI SFP variants of 20km, 40km, and 80km that are widely available; however, with our expertise, we can provide compatibility for Huawei BIDI in other distances such as 3km, 10km, 120km, 160km, and 200km, as well as different connectors such as LC, SC, and CS, with standard and industrial temperature. When you choose our Huawei BIDI 1G SFP compatibles, you have the ability to build a more cost efficient network and save dark fiber resources.

Huawei CWDM 1G SFP Compatibles

According to the Huawei SFP compatibility matrix, the Huawei SFP CWDM modules have eighteen available channels for 1G CWDM 80km modules (1270nm to 1610nm) and eight channels for 1G 40km modules (1470-1610nm), with all module CWDM channel plans complying with the ITU-T G.694.2 specification. These modules are intended for use in a standard temperature range over Single-Mode Fiber (SMF). These Huawei CWDM modules have been matched with our product portfolio below; however, we can offer a broader range of CWDM 1G products from our portfolio and integrate them to work in Huawei platforms. When these 1G CWDM modules are combined with our Passive xWDM filter portfolio, you can create an excellent and dependable way to increase your traffic capacity. Please contact our sales if you are interested.

Huawei Compatible 1.25G CWDM 80km

Huawei cSFP GE Compatibles

Huawei cSFP GE transceivers are rare products in central office/aggregation sites. The positive aspect of cSFP GE transceivers is that they use both SFP ports as separate BIDI traffic streams, allowing double the speed from a single module, thus increasing port density and reducing power consumption. We offer Huawei cSFP GE compatible for use in cSFP-enabled switches such as Huawei S5700-LI Series or MA5600T OLT, which allows you to achieve the above and create more dense interconnections.

Huawei 155M SFP Compatibles

Our compatible Huawei SDH SFP supports Packet-Over-SONET/SDH (POS) communication standards such as STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16 data rates for multimode, short-reach, intermediate-reach, and long-reach connections. Although POS and ATM technology are on their decline, many routers in live networks still have these interfaces.