Cisco 40G Optics compatible portfolio – entire Cisco 40G transceiver compatibles range to save budget and and build better network.

Compatible Cisco 40G Transceiver Portfolio

We’ve matched our provided Cisco 40G Transceiver portfolio to the Cisco 40G optical product name for ease, since many engineers throughout the world are familiar with the Cisco 40G Transceiver nomenclature. We’re seeing a lot of interest in compatible Cisco 40G QSFP+ (QSFP+ stands for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus, although many people still call them Cisco 40G GBIC or Cisco 40GB SFP, which is incorrect).

The QFSP+ form factor is the industry’s second-generation pluggable 40Gbps optical transceiver standard. The CFP form factor was the first. Compatible Cisco QSFP 40G data rates are 40Gbps (4x 10Gbps) and fit QSFP+ ports. Compatible Cisco 40G transceiver portfolio is based on our 40G product line, which is compliant with IEEE802.3bm, SFF-8436, and other related standards, as well as other IEEE-compliant 40GBASE interfaces. We are able to configure any transceiver from our product portfolio to work successfully on Cisco platforms, allowing engineers to achieve both cost savings and the ability to build better network solutions. Our Cisco 40G transceiver portfolio can be significantly larger than that offered by manufacturers, as we are able to configure any transceiver from our portfolio to work successfully on Cisco platforms. Please contact us if you have any queries!

Cisco 40G Optics – Short Range

Our Cisco QSFP 40G compatible transceiver lineup includes the most popular Cisco 40G optics, including SR4 and SR4-S (Cisco considers SR4-S to be an enterprice-class module with limited functionality, but our compatibles are both based on the same – non-limited transceiver), Bidi, and FET-40 modules (used as fabric-extender transceivers on Cisco Nexus 40G interfaces). Our Cisco 40G Transceiver alternatives can be connected to 10G interfaces using a 12-fiber parallel to 2-fiber duplex breakout cable, which connects the 40GBASE Transceiver to four 10GBASE optical interfaces.

Cisco 40G Optics – Long Range

Our Cisco QSFP 40G Long Range transceiver portfolio includes alternatives for all Cisco 40G optics, beginning with LR4 (QSFP-LR4-Lite) for link lengths of up to 2 kilometers over a standard pair of G.652 Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), and ending with LR4 and ER4, which are the preferred choices for remote site connections at 40G speeds. To cover a range of distances from 10 to 40 kilometers, LR4 and ER4 compatible Cisco 40G optics make use of four 1310nm LAN WDM wavelengths that are located in the 1310nm band.

Cisco 40GB SFP+ Adapter

If it is necessary to connect lower speed interfaces at the other end of the network to 40G infrastructure, you can introduce additional flexibility by using our Cisco Compatible QSFP-40G to SFP or SFP+ Adapter. This adapter allows you to use popular optical transceiver form factors such as SFP or SFP+, and make them compatible with 40G ports. The transition to 40 Gigabit Ethernet may be made quickly, easily, and inexpensively with the help of this Cisco 40G QSFP converter.