Our Compatible Cisco Twinax Cable solutions will help you excel at short-distance interconnections.

Our Compatible Cisco Twinax Cable solutions

Our line of compatible Cisco Twinax Cable solutions is commonly used for 10G to 100G short-distance connections, generally in data centers or network equipment rooms of corporations and ISPs. Using the Cisco Twinax cable compatibility matrix, we mapped our products to the SKUs of OEM manufacturer to simplify the daily life of network engineers.

Our compatible Cisco Twinax Cables is based on our own products, which we can adapt for effective operation on all common Cisco network platforms. Due to the fact that DAC is a high-speed copper cable assembly that does not involve optical lasers, Twinax cables have gained appeal because of its inexpensive cost. Additionally, our compatible Cisco Twinax Cable solutions feature reduced power usage and straightforward installation. The products displayed in this summary are based on Cisco Twinax cable lengths, although we are able to produce cables of any length to fulfill the demands of our customers. Cisco Twinax Cables are recommended for connecting equipment ports up to 15 meters apart; for greater distances, AOC should be considered. We can provide Cisco DAC cables alternatives for 10G–100G as well as Cisco breakout cables suitable for 40G and 100G interface splitting. We would appreciate hearing from you – Contact Us !

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Our Cisco DAC 10G solutions

Our Cisco DAC 10G (Direct Attach Cables) are fully passive high-speed copper cable assamblays, equipped with SFF-8432 MSA standard compatible SFP+ preterminated cage at each end of cable. Our Cisco DAC 10G compatible product line supports supports 1.0625-10.52 Gbps data rate and such applications as 10G Ethernet, GE Ethernet, 1/2/4/8/10G Fiber Channel and can be used for mobile network fronthaul CPRI & OBSAI protocol options. Most popular applications of our Cisco DAC 10G compatible products are cost effective close range interconnections within equipment room for telecom operators or data centers, interconnecting LAN or SAN applications with speeds up to 10G.

Our Cisco 25G DAC Solutions

Our Cisco 25G DAC are fully passive high-speed Copper cable assemblies, providing 2.5 times higher bandwidth while employing the same form factor of 10G SFP+. Cisco 25G DAC is compliant with SFF-8432 MSA standard and IEEE 802.3by technology which allows for the increased speeds, thus providing a cost-effective transition to higher density and better performance, compared to 10G. Our Cisco 25G DAC product alternatives are designed for 25G Ethernet and 32G Fiber Channel applications, but the backward compatibility allows it to also support 10G Ethernet, resulting in a supported data rate of 10.31 – 28.05 Gbps. Our 25G SFP28 to SFP28 Copper direct-attach cable products are available in lengths from 1 to 5 meters. Most popular applications of our Cisco 25G DAC compatible products are cost-effective close range interconnections within the equipment room for telecom operators or data centers, Top of Rack consolidations and wireless backhaul.

Our Cisco 40G DAC solutions

Our Cisco 40G DAC compatibles provide a cost-effective way of establishing 40Gbps (40G Ethernet) interconnections, and this mature technology is still favored by many network architects. The 40G QSFP+ DACs feature four independent 10Gbps lanes in each direction to support a combined data transfer rate of 40Gbps. Our Cisco 40G DAC QSFP to QSFP copper direct-attach cable assembly compatibles are available in lengths ranging from 0.5 meters to 5 meters for passive units and 7 meters and 10 meters for active units, which contain electronic components in the connectors that boost the cable’s performance.

Our Cisco 40GB to 10GB breakout cable Solutions

Cisco 40GB to 10GB breakout cable compatibles are suitable for short distance interconnections between high speed 40 Gbps ports and lower-speed 10Gbps ports, providing network architects the option to connect network devices operating at different speeds. Our Cisco 40GB to 10GB breakout cable compatibles consist of 0.5 to 5 meter passive units and 7 and 10 meter active units with electronic components in the connectors that boost the cable’s reach and performance.

Our Cisco 50G DAC compatible cables

Cisco SFP-50G copper PDAC (Passive Direct Attach Cables) compatibles are fully passive high-speed Copper cable assemblies, providing 2 times higher bandwidth than SFP28. Cisco DAC cables are compliant with SFP56 Multi Source Agreement (MSA) SFF-8402 industry standard. 50GBASE copper cables are capable of data rates from 10.31 Gbps up to 53.125 Gbps and distances up to 3 meters.

Our Cisco 100G DAC compatible cables

Many network architects favor Cisco 100G DAC compatibles due to their high speed, low power consumption, and ability to make rack-to-rack connections over short distances. Since 100G data rates are now the mainstream, this is not surprising. Compliant with the 100G Ethernet (100GBASE-CR4) standard, our Cisco 100G DAC compatibles feature four independently operating 25 Gbps lanes. This series is available in lengths between 1 and 5 meters.

Compatible 100G Cisco QSFP breakout cables

Compatible Cisco QSFP breakout cables are useful for making low-cost connections across relatively short distances, such as between racks that are located close together. As the name of the product implies, the QSFP-4SFP25G-CU alternative gives network builders the opportunity to link network devices that operate between high-speed 100 Gbps ports and lower-speed 25 Gbps ports. Our Cisco QSFP breakout cable compatibles are offered as passive units in lengths ranging from 1 to 5 meters. They come equipped with 100G QSFP28 SFF-8665 compliant and 4x25G SFP28 SFF-8432 compliant modules at either end of the cable.

Our Cisco 400G DAC compatible cables

Nowadays 400G DAC Cable is the pinnacle of data communication interfaces in modern data centers. These Cisco 400G QDFP-DD DAC compatible cables consist of passive Twinax cable with 8 separate full duplex data lines, each capable of 56 Gbps data rate. The length of these Cisco 400G QDFP-DD DAC compatible cables starts from 0.5 to 3 meters. 400G DAC Cable consists of QSFP-DD form factor transceivers at both ends. This form factor ensures the best switching equipment performance/space ratio.