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Hereinafter you will find application of cookies used by EDGE on its website



Cookies are small-size files sent to the website visitor’s end device (e.g. computer, mobile telephone) by the visited websites. Cookies are saved in the file directory of the Web browser (e. g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), on the hard disc of the website visitor’s end device. Next time upon visiting the same website the visitor’s Web browser reads the cookie and supplies the information back to the website or element that originally has installed the cookie. Cookies pose absolutely no threat to the website visitor’s computer.


Technical cookies. Technical cookies help to display the content of website on your device. Technical cookies provide the functionality of the website also allow to tailor the website to suit your needs, for example adjusting the website to your screen size. Technical cookies are mandatory for the website to function properly. Without them, we cannot provide a comprehensive opportunity to use our website.

Functional cookies. Functional cookies improve the functionality of the website, making the website convenient and efficient for your use. Functional cookies can be used, for example, to save your cart of goods. These cookies are not strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website, but they are also useful for the visitor as they improve the user experience, save time and reduce the chance of errors.

Analytical cookies. Analytical cookies collect information about how visitors use the website, for example, to help us to get information about the number of visitors from which sites visitors visit our site and how they use it to determine which pages are most visited, and to find out whether visitors are receiving error messages.

Promotional cookies. Promotional cookies are used to personalize your browsing experience and the content you show, as well as to show suggestions that are relevant to you. Promotional cookies analyze browsing history and these data are used to provide you with commercial offers. Occasionally, promotional cookies are linked to other websites, such as Facebook, if you have agreed to use these cookies on these sites, for example, by marking “like” to a page.

Third-party cookies. EDGE is using the cookies of third parties, e. g. those of Google to service ads and commercials and optimise the marketing communication. Third-party advertisers use the cookies that are saved on the end device to assess the efficiency of ads and individualise the contents of commercials displayed to the website visitor. Information collected by the third-party advertisers may include, for example, the data on geographic location (derived from the IP address).


We use cookies in order to improve the website functionality and facilitate the use the website, including to:

  • – Remember what is in your shopping cart;
  • – Remember the details of the order process;
  • – Remember that you are logged in and that your session is secure;
  • – Track the pages you visits via Google Analytics;
  • – Allow you to share pages with social networks such as Facebook;

No cookies used by EDGE contain any personal data of the website visitor and cannot be used for the website visitor’s identification purposes. However, if the website visitor wants to limit (disallow) saving of cookies on their end devices or delete the saved cookies it can be performed by using the Web browser settings.

It is important to know that by disallow technical and functional cookies, the website will not be able to use it, therefore we do not recommend deleting or blocking cookies.

EDGE is authorised to any time introduce changes in this cookies policy. Website visitor is obligated to regularly check the contents of this page to familiarise themselves with any updates or amendments to the cookies policy.

Last updated: May, 2018.