Compact-Size SFP


SFP type and BiDi SFP type optical modules are very popular and widely used in optical communication while CSFP (Compact Small Form-Factor Pluggable) optical transceivers are relatively new. By using Compact SFP (cSFP) we can achieve double throughput in same SFP port by having 2 BiDi bidirectional streams of traffic, thus we can get 2xGE out from one SFP port. Most commonly cSFP is used in Central Office/Aggregation site operating at Tx1&Tx2:1490nm Rx1&Rx2:1310nm and it gets connected to 2 CPE sites which have simple BiDi SFP operating in Tx:1310nm Rx:1490 at each site. Compact SFP (CSFP) major application is to use it in FTTx scenario where we have (point-to-point) connections from Central Office/Aggregation Site to (CPE) Customer Premises Equipment. With help of CSFP we can double the Central Office/Aggregation Site port density (we can achieve 2xGE from one aggregation site port) and as well reduce power consumption in Central Office as we use 2 times less ports. To learn more – Read our Article.

Long Reach (up to 20 km) Compact-Size SFP (cSFP) Transceivers:

Extended Reach (up to 40 km) Compact-Size SFP (cSFP) Transceivers: