Compatible HPE Optical Transceivers and Cables – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Compatible HPE Optical Transceivers and Cables

We provide affordable, high-quality compatible HPE Optical transceivers and Cables that are in high demand due to HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) reputation as a top manufacturer of advanced telecommunication systems. Our portfolio includes compatible HPE 100 Mb up to 400 Gb Optical Transceivers and 10 Gb up to 400 Gb DAC (Direct Attach Copper), AOC (Active Optical Cable) and Breakout cable products. Our products use a different part number system than HPE`s, which can be sometimes confusing for network engineers. To make life easier, we’ve matched our product line with products listed in HPE Transceiver Guide and HP SFP compatibility matrix so that our compatible products can be easily identified. Our products are compatible with most popular HPE switch and storage device lines, like HPE FlexFabric, HPE BladeSystem, HPE MSA and there is dedicated category for HPE Aruba Transceiver products. We offer a wide range of compatible solutions for various other types of HPE transceivers, including specialized modules such as CWDM/DWDM, long-range modules and data-center equipment compatible transceiver or cable solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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From 100 Mb up to 400 Gb Transceivers

Our selection of compatible HPE transceivers includes a wide range of modern options to meet any demand. Our product range includes transceivers with different distance capabilities, ranging from short-range transceivers that can transmit data up to 100 meters, to long-range modules that can transmit data up to 120 kilometers with a variety of data transfer rates, from 100 Mb to 400 Gb, covering various form factors like: SFP, SFP+, XFP, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, CFP2, QSFP-DD ensuring that we have solutions for different network needs. All potential needs for constructing reliable and quick network connections are taken care of.

10 Gb to 400 Gb DAC, AOC and Breakouts

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and organizations require a capable and quick-to-install network solution that can keep up with the demands of their operations. That’s where our optical cables with in-built optical transceivers, also known as DAC (Direct Attach Copper) and AOC (Active Optical Cable), come in handy. With data transfer speeds ranging from 10 Gb up to cutting edge 400 Gb, our optical cables will perform great at a wide variety of distances ranging from 0.5 meters up to 100 meters.