Mellanox Optical Module and DAC Cable compatibles – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Mellanox Optical Module & DAC Cable Compatibles

We offer our clients high-quality Mellanox Optical Module compatibles and AOC and DAC cable compatibles at an affordable cost. Compatible Mellanox Transceivers are in high demand because Mellanox (has recenty been aquired by NVIDIA) is one of the largest and most well-known companies that makes communication systems for modern data centers. Data center engineers around the industry are often accustomed to the Part Number and Model Name logic of Mellanox transceivers, which is different from the Part Numbers (SKU) logic of our product line. For ease of identification, we have analyzed Mellanox product descriptions and their documentation to match our Mellanox optical transceiver product line as well as the compatible cables with Mellanox part number codes, allowing engineers to quickly find out our replacement product. Below you will find our list of compatible transceivers and cables that are designed based on our own products, which can be seamlessly integrated with various Mellanox (Nvidia) datacenter equipment units such as Mellanox Spectrum platform switches like Mellanox SN2010 and Mellanox ConnectX cards. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mellanox 1G-400G Optical Module

In this section, You will find compatible Mellanox optical modules with operational speeds ranging from 1G to 400G. The modules are available for use with both single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Based on the form factor type, they are available with different connectors such as LC, MTP/MPO. We provide a cost-effective alternative to Mellanox OEM transceivers for usage in Mellanox Spectrum platform switches and Mellanox ConnectX cards.

Mellanox 10G to 400G Cables and Breakouts

Looking for Mellanox compatible 10G to 400G cables? In this section you will find our portfolio of 10G to 400G both AOC & DAC cable compatibles for point to point and Break-out connections in distances up to 100 meters for usage in Mellanox Ethernet NICs and switches.