220 meters over OM2 multimode fibre at 10Gbps

    There are new and there are old fibre optic cable infrastructures. Some network operators have old type OM1/OM2 cables installed between sites. As we know OM2 (50/125) multimode fibre is rated to 1Gbps by utilizing 850nm wavelength, and working distance up to 550 meters. If we do 10Gbps speeds, we can reach up to 82 meters on Multi-Mode OM2 cables.
The question is – is it possible to achieve longer distance over OM2 fibre with 10Gbps speed?

In theory yes! 220 meters by using mode conditioning cable and special 10G-LRM (EDGE PN: 10G-SFP-220 optical transceiver): https://edgeoptic.com/products/sfp_plus/10g-sfp-220/


    Mode conditioners provide a method of offsetting a single-mode fiber core with a corresponding multimode fiber. This calibrated offset reduces a phenomena called differential mode dispersion, or DMD, which can cause the transmitting laser pulse to spread out and merge into neighbouring pulses creating bit errors in the transmission signal.

OM1/OM2 cables

10G-LRM (10G-SFP-220) optical transceiver uses electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) for receive equalization. It is originally specified in IEEE 802.3aq as a port type for multi-mode fiber and uses 1310 nm lasers.