Cisco Compatibility Matrix

Cisco Transceiver Module Compatibility Matrix

How Cisco Compatibility Matrix can be employed to select the correct products for Cisco equipment? The portfolio of Cisco equipment and products is very extensive, and it is a challenge to know what suits what. With this in mind, Cisco have established two specific tools to help users with finding the appropriate transceivers for their equipment:

In these tools, anyone can check in Cisco Compatibility Matrix which Cisco module is supported in which Cisco platform, for example:

  • Cisco Gigabit Ethernet GBIC SFP Modules
  • Cisco 10 Gigabit Modules
  • Cisco 40 Gigabit Modules
  • Cisco 100 Gigabit Modules
  • Cisco SONET SDH SFP Modules
  • Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP Modules and others

It can be that the tools themselves are a bit alien to a novice, therefore, Cisco have created user manuals for each of the tools:

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