Do you have a programmer?

As one of our primary focus is to offer very competitive pricing at same time keep high quality standard for products and ensure excellent experience for our customers. We have decided that designing programming device for our end customers would increase the product price and based on our experience, situations when customer buy for example Cisco coded module and later use it for HP are rare. Normally customer buy Cisco coded module put it in Cisco device and move to next segment in network expansion.


Based on above if there are situation that our customer would like to change code for EDGE Optic’s modules we promise to do it:


  • FAST 1-2 days including shipping;
  • NO CHARGES not only reprogramming procedure will be free of charge but as well shipping costs from customer and back to customer will be for free;
  • PROFESSIONALLY we will not only change the code, but as well we will put correct product label, so it can be later distinguished that it’s for example: HP module and not Cisco module anymore and we will re-test the module technical parameters locally such as Transmit, Receive power and connector cleanness;


Please fill re-code application HERE!