Faulted due to SFP validation failure and Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP – Brocade 300 Error

   Brocade 300 series switches are widely used in datacentres to establish 1, 2, 4Gbps and 8Gbps Fibre Channel connections.

    Let`s look at this particular case. We are installing 8G Fibre Channel transceivers into Brocade 300 SAN switch and receive the following error:
Faulted due to SFP validation failure. Check if the SFP is valid for the configuration.

Click on the picure below:

SFP validation failure

As well when we look on particular port we see following alarm:
Additional Port Info Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP

Info Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP

    As a result Brocade 300 put Port Status into Mod_Inv state and port Health is reported as Faulty (link cannot be established).

    Key problem why such alarms happen is due to wrongly coded SFP`s which are installed in Brocade 300 ports. One option could be that modules have wrong speed settings in them, they are not configured for Fibre Channel speeds but for Ethernet, but to perfectly understand the cause need to analyse the coding.

   In this case Optical Modules must be coded with FC speed in code and Ethernet disabled. Programming with correct coding helps to make correct recognition and make connections workable.

In case you have such alarms and need help, do not hesitate to write: [email protected] and we will be happy to help