Future Compatibility of 3rd party transceivers

There are more and more customer who realize value of alternative and use third party transceivers. Lucky those choosing EDGE Optics J


But there are still those who have remaining fears that third party transceivers will not work properly.

One of those fears is future compatibility or, in other words, that non-original transceiver will not work after equipment software update/upgrade?


EDGE Optics optical transceiver‘s hardware and software/coding is chosen according equipment vendor original optical transceiver:

  • if original transceiver support only specific data rate (e.g. 1000M) – hardware used to manufacture EDGE Optics transceiver is chosen as well the one that support only that specific data rate (1000M); if original transceiver support multirate speeds (e.g. 10/100/1000) – then EDGE Optical transceiver as well are manufactured using hardware that support multirate speeds (10/100/1000);
  • EDGE Optics optical transceivers software/coding is prepared according original vendor transceiver code: checksum, encryption, etc. This means same compatibility and functionality attained as original optical transceiver.


There are some exceptions regarding functionality and transceiver description in output fields, but all above mentioned leads to logical explanation that if after equipment software update/upgrade third party optical transceivers will not work properly – original optical transceivers as well will not work as it should. Otherwise it is manufacturers of third party transceivers failure in choosing right hardware or software/coding preparation.

Chose EDGE Optics and let us take care of future compatibility!