Huawei U2000, can’t read wavelength of 1G CWDM SFP

     Huawei U2000 is Network Management system developed by Huawei. One of this systems function is to monitors network performance, and observes optical transceiver health. There has been occasions that system cannot read correctly 1G CWDM transceiver wavelength.


   For example we had a case when customer use our 1G 1590nm CWDM transceiver, EDGE Part number:   CWDM-1.25G-SFP-40-59 ( in Huawei OSN 1800. The system does not show wavelength information for this transceiver, which can be useful in maintenance process of network.


    Solution is for this problem is quite simple. In order for Huawei U2000 to correctly show wavelength the wavelength parameter in transceiver coding must end with centre wavelength 1XX1. So if wavelength parameter inside module code will be 1590nm Huawei U2000 will not be able to read it, but if 1591nm then U2000 system will understand it correctly and it will be displayed.


If we go more in details:

This is the wrongly programmed transceiver:


This is correctly programmed transceiver: