Looking for Infinera DWDM Equipment Compatible Transceivers? We’ve matched Infinera products (incl. Transmode) with our compatible transceivers to help you build high-quality, cost-effective networks with ease!

Infinera DWDM Equipment Compatible Transceivers (incl. Transmode)

We provide Infinera DWDM equipment compatible optical transceiver products that are known for their high quality and low cost. Compatible Infinera products are in high demand among network engineers worldwide and are frequently identified by Part Numbers (For example, Infinera TOM-, or Transmode TRX-). We reviewed Infinera DWDM equipment documentation and Transmode documentation (aquired by Infinera in Year 2015) and matched our compatible transceiver product line with Infinera (incl.Transmode) product part numbers for ease of identification, allowing engineers to quickly find our compatible Infinera products as replacement alternatives. It is important to note that we have only included the most popular Infinera products here; however, we can offer a much wider product selection suitable for popular platforms such as the Infinera Groove GX series, the Infinera 7300, the XTM, Transmode TM3000 and others. Due to different products and optical transceiver part numbers, we have not included Infinera (Coriant) transceivers in this section and have made dedicated sections for these compatible transceivers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Infinera 100G QSFP28, CFP Transceivers

Our Infinera 100G QSFP28, CFP optics selection includes the two most common form factors QSFP28 and CFP. We have used the Infinera DWDM equipment documentation to match OEM Infinera products with our Infinera compatible range. Below selection covers most popular Infinera 100G transceivers, such as Infinera 100G CFP SR10/LR4 and Infinera QSFP28 SR4, LR4 and CWDM4 variations. It is worth mentioning that we can provide a broader range of Infinera 100G QSFP28 and CFP optics than those listed below, including products such as the ER4 (40km), ZR4 (80km), ZR4+ (100km), 100G BIDI, and others. Infinera 100G optics are used in the Infinera Groove GX series, the Infinera 7300, the XTM, and other series ports.

Our Infinera 100G QSFP28 and CFP alternatives and substitutions provide a wide range of high-density and low-power 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options suitable when designing transmission networks using Infinera products. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the area of custom-encoded firmware for our offered Infinera 100G Optics counterparts in order to ensure that our Infinera 100G transceiver portfolio functions in the same manner as Infinera OEM parts. If you have any questions, please – Contact Us!

100G QSFP28

100G CFP

Infinera 10G SFP+ & XFP

Our 10G SFP+ and XFP Infinera DWDM equipment compatible transceivers offer a cost-effective alternative to most 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Infinera OTN deployments on mainstream platforms such as Infinera Groove. We have only covered the most popular Infinera products here: 10G SFP+ and XFP LR modules, but we can provide a much wider selection including modules with interconnection distances up to 100km and extended temperature modules for Infinera DWDM equipment.

Infinera DWDM Tunable SFP+/XFP

Our compatible Infinera DWDM Tunable portfolio includes SFP+ and XFP optical transceivers that enable users to tune their wavelengths based on actual network demand. In addition to the Infinera DWDM standard range, which is typically limited to 80 km product versions, we can also provide alternatives with a reach of up to 100 km for applications where such a reach is relevant. We would be delighted to assist you and advise you on the optimal Infinera DWDM equipment solution. Please Contact Us.

Infinera DWDM Fixed Lambda compatibles

Our compatible fixed lambda Infinera DWDM optics portfolio includes 10G Infinera DWDM SFP+, Infinera DWDM XFP, compatible products that operate in the ITU 100-GHz DWDM spectrum. Notably, modules are non-tunable and must be ordered with a fixed transmit wavelength. Fixed lambda compatible DWDM Infinera standard portfolio consists of modules with interconnection distances of up to 80km; however, we can offer Infinera compatible DWDM modules for distances of up to 100km, if you are interested in learning more, please Contact Us.

Infinera SFP 1G Transceivers

We have included only the most popular versions of 1G modules for Infinera DWDM equipment such as SX, LX, and 2km SFP in our Infinera 1G SFP compatible section, but we can provide Infinera compatible 1G SFPs for a much broader range of applications such as dual fiber up to 200km, single fiber BIDI and CWDM 1G and DWDM 1G transceivers. We can supply Infinera transceivers that are compatible with both standard and industrial temperature environments.