100G CWDM Solution

Can 100G be used over CWDM?

Single Lambda technology can be used for 100G connection over Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). This integration is particularly advantageous for modern high-speed data transmission needs. In this article we will explain the Single Lambda 100G CWDM technology and share the most typical application of it.

Quite recently the optical network industry came across the 100G CWDM Solution with Single Lambda technology. These transceivers achieve 100 Gbps data rate transmitting in one optical channel wavelength: 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm and 1331nm. It multiplexes 4×25.78 Gbps CAUI-4 electrical signals to a single lane PAM4 100G optical signal (50Gbaud rate). At the moment industry can provide CWDM 100Gbps Single Lambda that is capable of transmission up to 10km, but we will not need to wait long when already 20km and 40km 100G solution will arrive.

The typical application of 100G CWDM Single Lambda includes passive MUX/DEMUX, the 1271nm-1331nm 100G CWDM transceivers and a double optical fiber. Current solutions allows the connection to be up to 10km. Taking into account all equipment used in the connection and the length, here’s how its calculated:

  • Our suggestion on MUX/DEMUX in such solution is DCMD-4L with 1.2dB insertion loss. Having two of DCMD-4L increases the insertion loss in the link to 2.4dB;
  • By purchasing our CWDM-100G-Q28-SL10 transceiver, you’ll benefit from an optical budget of 6.3dB. So total optical budget available for the fiber link is 6.3-2.4 = 3.9dB;
  • If by using G.652 SMF, insertion loss at 1310nm wavelength is ~0.35dB/km, so the link distance is approximately 10km.

As mentioned our CWDM 100G Single Lambda transceiver standard optical budget is 6.3dB, but if you are in need of higher, we also provide increased optical budget of 7.7dB. While 1291-1331nm CWDM 100G QSFP28 transceivers are capable to reach a bit longer distance, 1271nm is limited to 10km.

In conclusion, 100G CWDM Single Lambda technology combined with CWDM MUX/DEMUX units offers a robust solution for various high-bandwidth applications such as Data Center Interconnect, metro networks, and enterprise networking. These applications benefit from the efficient use of existing fiber infrastructure, scalability, and cost-effectiveness provided by CWDM technology.

Our list on CWDM 100G solution products:

Part Number Description
CWDM-100G-Q28-SL10 CWDM 100G Single Lambda up to 10km from 1271nm to 1331nm
DCMD-4L 4 Channels Double Fiber Low-band Passive CWDM Mux/Demux