What’s your alternative to Nokia 1830 VWM (versatile WDM module)?

Nokia 1830 VWM Versatile WDM Module alternative KB article

Some of our Mobile operator customers wonder if we have an alternative to Nokia 1830 VWM (versatile WDM module). In this Knowledge Base article we will find out.


As mobile networks expand globally and new base stations are deployed, it puts additional strain on the Mobile Fronthaul segment, where many operators are considering Centralized RAN. Using Passive CWDM or DWDM units in conjunction with colored 10G/25G optical transceivers is one of the most efficient ways to build Centralized RAN transport network.


Nokia 1830 VWM (versatile WDM module) series is doing exactly that, utilizing passive Mux/Demux units that aid in increasing fiber capacity by providing up to 16 channels (CWDM) or 32 channels (DWDM) in a compact chassis.


As an alternative, we recommend to consider our Passive 5G WDM Fronthaul portfolio, which covers a variety of Mobile Fronthaul topologies and provides potential building blocks: Passive CWDM/DWDM/LWDM in a diverse array for your mobile fronthaul transport network.


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