Our compatible Brocade Cables – 10G to 100G DAC, AOC, ADAC and Breakout options offer flexible and reliable ways for high-speed data center interconnections, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance.

Brocade Twinax & QSFP Breakout Cable Compatibles

Our comprehensive product line extends to Brocade compatible Twinax cable, including DAC, AOC, ADAC and Breakout cable solutions. These cables are widely utilized for short-distance connections, supporting data rates from 10G to 100G within data centers. Our commitment to quality is evident through a thorough analysis of the Brocade Optics Modules and Cables Data Sheet, particularly focusing on DAC/ADAC and AOC cables. This allows us to align our offerings with the Part Numbers of Brocade OEM versions, streamlining integration with various Brocade networking equipment units such as routers and switches. Customized to our specifications, our Brocade-compatible DAC, AOC, ADAC, and Breakout Cables are engineered for optimal performance, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of Brocade networking devices. Specifically, our Brocade-compatible DAC cables are ideal for connecting equipment ports within a 10-meter range, while AOC cables are recommended for longer distances.  Brocade Twinax cable (Direct Attach Copper) provide a cost-effective solution for high-speed copper connections, eliminating the need for optical lasers. On the other hand, AOC (Active Optical Cable) represents high-speed optical cables with integrated optical transceivers designed for multi-mode optical fiber interconnections. AOC cables offer various advantages, including reduced weight, extended reach (up to 100 meters compared to DAC’s 10 meters), a smaller bending radius, enhanced resistance to electromagnetic radiation (EMI), ease of installation, and minimal optical budget loss compared to traditional setups with separate transceivers and patch cables. Moreover, AOC cables enhance safety by minimizing potential failure points due to the absence of optical connectors. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss how our Brocade-compatible cables can meet your specific networking requirements. Contact Us!

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Brocade 100G Twinax and AOC Cable

Immerse yourself in a world of advanced connectivity with our Brocade QSFP cable 100G AOC, PDAC solutions—a harmonious blend of cutting-edge optical technology and Brocade’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performance.  Available in distances of up to 10 meters, these solutions stand as a testament to reliability and performance excellence. Should you require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us!

Brocade 40G Twinax & AOC Cables

Our Brocade QSFP cable 40G AOC, PDAC, and ADAC solutions represent a fusion of advanced optical technology and Brocade’s dedication to delivering top-notch performance. Experience the reliability and efficiency of these cables as they elevate your network’s connectivity, providing a seamless and high-speed experience for your data transmission needs. Items are available in distances up to 10m.

Brocade 25G SFP28 DAC & AOC Cable

Embark on a high-speed connectivity journey with our 25G SFP28 Brocade AOC and PDAC solutions. These cutting-edge AOC/PDAC  cables seamlessly integrate the prowess of optical technology with Brocade’s steadfast commitment to performance, ensuring your network infrastructure experiences reliable and efficient connectivity. Items are available in distance up 10m.

Brocade Twinax & AOC Cable – 10G SFP+

Our Brocade Compatible 10G Twinax cables are designed to meet the specific demands of modern networking setups. Whether you’re establishing connections within a data center or between different components of your network, these cables provide a robust solution for efficient data transfer. In this section You will find Brocade Twinax DAC, AOC and ADAC cables in distance up to 10m. For more information, please contact us.

Brocade QSFP Breakout Cable

Brocade QSFP+ Breakout cables are designed to deliver high-performance solutions for various data rates. These breakout cables offer flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to adapt to various networking requirements seamlessly. Available as PDAC/ADAC and AOC in distance up 10m