Replacements for old products, such as Juniper Fast Ethernet SFP and Juniper SONET/SDH modules, are available.

Juniper FE and SONET/SDH Transceivers

This page covers Juniper-compatible transceivers that are fairly uncommon. The products listed below are nearing the end of their life cycles in some cases due to a lack of popularity or an outdated specification based on current industry standards, but still there can be occasions when there is a need to make such interconnections. This section covers Juniper Fast Ethernet SFP modules used in SRX or EX series switches, as well as SONET/SDH transceivers used in Juniper MX series switches.

Juniper Fast Ethernet SFP

Compatible Juniper Fast Ethernet SFP modules listed below are for interconnection distances ranging from a few meters to 80 kilometers over Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode fiber. In addition, Industrial / Rugged modules with temperature support from -40 to 85C and FE BIDI modules for interconnection over a single fiber are available.

Juniper SONET/SDH Transceivers

If you are looking for Juniper SONET/SDH compatible transceivers for your Juniper MX series, take a look at the selection below. Here we cover two modules with OC48 speed support, LR module for distances up to 80km and IR module for distances up to 15km over Single Mode Optical fiber.