Sumitomo Optical Transceiver compatibles – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Sumitomo Optical Transceiver Compatibles

We are a supplier of Sumitomo Optical Transceiver product compatibles. Sumitomo is well known OEM manufacturer and we can provide alternative products from our portfolio, which are produced acording to same MSA standards and will perform same or better as their OEM counterpart. To make it easier to find our compatible transceivers, we’ve created a compatibility matrix that matches our products with Sumitomos part codes. If you have any questions regarding pricing, datasheet or other technical information is required, please feel free to get in touch with us, we will be happy assist and answer to all of the questions!

100G CFP4 & 40G QSFP Sumitomo Transceiver

This section contains Sumitomo Optical Transceiver 100G CFP4 and 40G QSFP+ compatible modules for widespread use in optical networks. With the help of our selection of 100G CFP4 modules, you can construct reliable optical networks with data transmission rates of 103.125 Gbps over lengths of up to 10 kilometers. 40G SMF options may be found in the 40G QSFP+ module portfolio. With shorter distance ones starting at 10 km, these optical transceivers provide communication at speeds of up to 44.8 Gbps over lengths of up to 40 kilometers. Overall both compatible Sumitomo 100G and 40G transceivers will be a robust solution for most optical networks.

100G CFP4 Transceiver

40G QSFP Transceiver