Can You provide JDSU PLRXPL-VE-SG4-62-N compatible transceiver for Huawei base station DBS 3900?

Huawei base stations using JDSU Transceivers for CPRI connections between RRU and BBU. JDSU PLRXPL-VE-SG4-62-N is using multi-mode double fiber cable and 850nm optical wavelength. It is supporting applications up to 4.25 Gbps. From our portfolio, we suggest using Fronthaul SFP+ Product line – these module uses same optical interface, but support following applications:

  • CPRI 9.830 Gbps
  • CPRI 7.373 Gbps
  • CPRI 6.144 Gbps
  • CPRI 4.915 Gbps
  • CPRI 2.458 Gbps
  • CPRI 1.229 Gbps
  • OBSAI 6.144 Gbps
  • OBSAI 3.072 Gbps
  • OBSAI 1.536 Gbps

Also, take in account, that RAN vendors usually offer quite limited selection of CPRI transceivers. By using our proposed CPRI Transceivers, You can actually have not only multi-mode connection between BBU and RRU, but also single-mode, single-fiber, CWDM or DWDM solutions, with can expand your possibilities to interconnect BBU and RRU.

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