J9099B and J9100B coded as J9054B not work – HPE Knowledge

   Sometimes original optical transceiver coding is not available.Then one of workarounds is to use different compatible coding. For example if we want to use Bidirectional transceivers in switch but do not have suitable coding, then we can trick switch by using dual fiber transceiver code. As a result we will get working link, at the cost of wrong recognition.


   But sometimes there is not so good results. For example HP BIDI transceivers J9099B and J9100B. If we use BIDI hardware and code it with dual fiber J9054B HP transceiver coding we get unsatisfying results. As you can see in picture below – we use HP 2530-24 switch and the transceivers at this switch are recognized as dual fiber ones: J9054B. But in practice they do not work and link is not established.
Only original code from BIDI transceivers (J9099B and J9100B) can help to solve this case.

J9099B picture

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