The 100G/200G Coherent CFP2 DCO MSA is Pluggable Digital Coherent C form-factor optical transceiver designed for high-speed optical networking applications such as: Telecom Metro/Long-haul, Wireless Backhaul and Hyperscale Data Center Interconnect (DCI). Letter C in the CFP2 naming is an acronym for 100G (C = 100 in Roman numerals; Centum) since the standard was primary developed around 100G systems where CFP2 is a second-generation form factor, an evolution from CFP form factor (CFP2 is half the size of CFP, 106 mm x 41.5 mm x 12.4 mm respectively) which has later evolved to CFP4 and CFP8 form factors. CFP2 hardware has been specified according to the multi-source agreement (MSA) standard. As DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is placed from the Transponder Line Card on the 100G/200G Coherent CFP2 DCO MSA optical module it helps to revolutionize the IP routing edge, giving ability to transport IP over DWDM Network – IPoDWDM. Switch and Router equipment can now output 100/200G Tunable DWDM signal per lane thus packet and optical layer is merged in a single platform which helps to provide great flexibility in long-haul transmission adopting pay as you grow model.

    100G/200G Coherent CFP2 DCO MSA module is capable of transmitting dual rate 100G/200G line side signal over single wavelength and has C-band Tunable laser supporting ITU-T DWDM 50 Ghz 96 channel spectrum, wavelength 1529.16nm to 1567.13nm. Module support up to 80km distance in native mode and up to 2000km (100G OTU4 signal) or 1000km (200G OTUC2 signal) with amplification over G.652 Single-Mode Fiber (SMF). The 100G/200G Coherent CFP2 DCO MSA Module has advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) ASIC and integrated Coherent Transmitter/Receiver. To achieve high data rate, long haul error-free transmission third generation FEC, SD-FEC (Soft Decision Forward Error Correction) is offloaded to the Coherent DSP. Module requires up to 26W power in 200G mode or up to 21W power in 100G mode on port. 200G Coherent CFP2-DCO Transmitter and Receivers support DQPSK / QPSK modulation for 100G and 16QAM modulation for 200G. On the Line side 200G CFP2-DCO has Dual LC connectors, whereas on the Host side 104-pin CFP2 MSA-compliant connector.


    100G/200G Coherent CFP2 DCO MSA modules are widely used in Cisco, Juniper, Infinera, Huawei, Arista and other industry well known manufacturers equipment. A 200G Coherent CFP2-DCO transceiver can work in 80% of networking equipment, where there is no special algorithm for protection against third party modules. However – we have accumulated expertise in custom-encoded firmware for 200G Coherent CFP2-DCO in order to make these modules work in almost any brand of equipment. We will be glad to know your requirements – Contact Us.