Our Compatible NOKIA SFP 1G, SDH, cSFP range-enables you to save expenses on network development while also boosting the flexibility of your solutions! Versions of BIDI, CWDM, and DWDM products are also covered.


We have divided our compatible NOKIA SFP types into NOKIA 1G SFP (covering double fiber, BIDI, Copper, CWDM and DWDM SFPs), NOKIA cSFP (compact SFP) section and as well covering NOKIA 100Mbps and SDH (STM1 to STM16) modules in here. Despite the industry’s shift toward higher data rates, NOKIA 1G SFP modules continue to be widely used in enterprise networking and ISP last mile Ethernet to the home applications. Engineers worldwide are familiar with NOKIA SFP Part Numbers, and we used the NOKIA (Alcatel) datasheets to match NOKIA Part Numbers with our compatible 1G SFP module range. Our NOKIA SFP types have the same features as OEM modules, including excellent reliability, lengths ranging from 550m to 120km, support for DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring), and compliance with IEEE 802.3z. We can modify the internal memory of almost any of our devices to ensure NOKIA (Alcatel) 1G SFP module compatibility in Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (OmniSwitch), 7750, 7210, 7705 router series or Alcatel ISAM-DSLAM or Alcatel-Lucent 1830 Photonic Service Switch and others devices. You can reduce network development costs while increasing the flexibility of your solutions by using our compatible Alcatel 1G SFP modules. We have classified NOKIA compatible SFP models into ALU Enterprise, 3HE, 1AB, 3FE and other taxonomies based on the OEM part numbers. To find out which modules your switch or router supports, feel free to check product datasheets or Contact Us!

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NOKIA (Alcatel)

NOKIA 1G SFP compatibles

Our NOKIA SFP 1G optical transceivers were developed specifically for the transmission of gigabit Ethernet via two-fiber connections using the 802.3z standard. Our product selection of NOKIA SFP modules alternatives comprises double fiber SFPs, single fiber BIDI and copper as well as CWDM and DWDM SFP modules. The compatibility of NOKIA SFP modules may be achieved by specifying a number of parameters inside the memory of our devices. Please always verify our compatible NOKIA SFP datasheet in order to obtain specific information on the technical parameters of the equipment.

Double Fiber SFP


Copper SFP


NOKIA cSFP compatibles

NOKIA cSFP GE transceivers are rare products in central office/aggregation sites. The positive aspect of cSFP GE transceivers is that they use both SFP ports as separate BIDI traffic streams, allowing double the speed from a single module, thus increasing port density and reducing power consumption. We offer NOKIA cSFP GE compatible for use in cSFP-enabled hardware such as for example NOKIA 7250 IXR-R-series MDA 20-port GE card which accept 20 x cSFP 1GE modules, which allows you to achieve the above and create more dense 1G interconnections.

NOKIA 100M & SDH SFP compatibles

Our compatible NOKIA 100M & SDH SFP support, 100Mbps and Packet-Over-SONET/SDH (POS) communication standards such as STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16 data rates for double fiber, single fiber (BIDI) and CWDM connections. Although SDH technology is on the decline, many routers in live networks still have these interfaces. Using our NOKIA compatible SFP products, you can expand your network cost efficiently while at the same time increasing the flexibility of your solutions.

100M & STM-1 SFP