Our compatible Arista Cables – 10G to 400G DAC, AOC and Breakout options offer flexible and reliable ways for high-speed data center interconnections, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance.

Arista DAC & AOC Cables Compatibles

Our compatible product line encompasses Arista Cables – DAC, AOC, and Breakout cable solutions, extensively utilized for short-distance connections ranging from 10G to 400G data rates within data centers. Rigorous analysis of Arista Optics Modules and Cables Data Sheet, specifically the DAC and AOC cables, has allowed us to align our offerings with the Part Numbers of Arista OEM versions. This alignment streamlines the workflow for data center engineers, facilitating seamless integration with various Arista Networks equipment units,  including routers (7800R3 series), switches (7 series).
Tailored to our own specifications, our compatible Arista DAC, AOC, and Breakout Cables are designed for optimal performance and can be effortlessly incorporated into a variety of Arista Networks data center devices. Specifically, our Arista-compatible DAC cables are well-suited for connecting equipment ports within a 10-meter range, while AOC cables are recommended for longer distances. Our solutions ensure flexibility and reliability across Arista Networks’ common data center equipment units, delivering high-speed interconnections.
Arista Cables (Direct Attach Copper) offer a cost-effective solution for high-speed copper connections, devoid of optical lasers. In contrast, AOC (Active Optical Cable) represents high-speed optical cables with integrated optical transceivers designed for multi-mode optical fiber interconnections. AOC cables present several advantages, including reduced weight, extended reach (up to 100 meters compared to DAC’s 10 meters), a smaller bending radius, enhanced resistance to electromagnetic radiation (EMI), ease of installation, and minimal optical budget loss compared to traditional setups with separate transceivers and patch cables. Additionally, AOC cables boast increased safety by minimizing potential failure points due to the absence of optical connectors. We’d love to hear from you – Contact Us!

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Arista DAC Cables

Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency with our Arista Compatible DACs, catering to a spectrum of data rates including 400G, 100G, 40G, 25G, and 10G. Designed to meet the demands of diverse networking environments, these Direct Attach Copper cables provide reliable and high-speed connectivity, ensuring seamless data transmission within your infrastructure.

Arista AOC Cables

Embark on a journey of high-speed connectivity with our Arista AOC (Active Optical Cable) solutions, tailored to meet the demands of diverse data rates including 400G, 100G, 40G, 25G, and 10G. These AOC cables combine the power of optical technology with Arista’s commitment to performance, delivering reliable and efficient connectivity for your network infrastructure.

Arista Breakout Cable

Arista Breakout Cables, designed to deliver high-performance solutions for both 100G and 40G data rates. These breakout cables offer flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to adapt to various networking requirements seamlessly.