Other Cisco-compatible replacements to old products, such as Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP modules, GPON and Cisco ONS modules, are also available.

Other Cisco Compatible Transceivers

This page cover transceivers that are compatible with Cisco that are somewhat relatively rare. In some cases, the below-listed products are nearing the end of their lifecycles due to a lack of popularity or an outdated specification based on current industry standards. Here we cover Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP modules that are compatible with Catalyst 2960 series Campus LAN switches or Cisco Industrial Ethernet and Connected Grid switches and routers and Cisco ONS 15454 modules. Since ONS 15454 is a Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) used for high availability services, it requires special transceivers with SONET/SDH speed configurations, which are mentioned in the following sections.

Compatible Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP Modules

Compatible Cisco Fast Ethernet SFP modules listed below are for interconnection distances ranging from a few meters to 80 kilometers over Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode fiber. In addition, Industrial / Rugged modules with temperature support from -40 to 85C and FE BIDI modules for interconnection over a single fiber are available. From the list of products below, the GLC-GE-100FX transceiver stands out due to its popularity as a converter. The GLC-GE-100FX module can be plugged into a Gigabit Ethernet port (for example C2960, C3560CX, or C9300 series switches) and will convert the port’s Gigabit Ethernet signal to Fast Ethernet.

Double-Fiber FE Modules

Cisco ONS 15454 Compatible Modules

If you are looking for Cisco ONS 15454 MSPP compatible transceivers, take a look at the selection below. It is a comprehensive selection of ONS-compatible modules with data rates ranging from STM-1 (OC-3) to STM-64 (OC-192) for short reach (few meters) connections over multimode fiber to 80km over single mode fiber. From below ONS-XC-10G-C stands out as a DWDM Tunable XFP optical transceiver that supports ITU 50Ghz Grid and DWDM wavelength tuning via a Cisco host device or an optical transceiver programming box.


Below is a selection of our Cisco GPON SFP compatible transceivers, which are supported by the Cisco ME 4600 Series OLT devices. Two types of Cisco GPON SFP compatible modules are available: GPON Class B+ SFP OLT with 29.5dB optical budget and GPON Class C+ SFP OLT with 33dB optical budget, both with up to 20 km interconnections; just the C+ version will support higher split ratios.