GLC-FE-T-I Cisco Compatible 100M 100M Copper SFP module

# Key Highlights
  • Type: SFP
  • Compatibility: Cisco compatible
  • Media Type: Twisted Pair Cable
  • Max. Distance: 100 m
  • Data Rate: 10-100 Mbps
  • Temperature: Industrial -40° to 85°C
# Pricing & Ordering


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# Quality Assurance

Because of our comprehensive Testing Program, we are confident on quality of our products. Such approach empower us to cover all our products with:

# Key Technical Data
Media Type:


Maximum Distance:


Supported Data Rate:

10-100 Mbps

Supported Applications:

100Base-T, 10Base-T

Temperature Range:

Industrial -40° to 85°C






CE, Class 1 FDA and IEC60825-1 Laser Safety Compliant, RoHS, SFF-8472, SFP MSA


+3.3V single power supply

# Product Documentation
100M-SFP-FI SFP Datasheet

Cisco Compatible GLC-FE-T-I SFP Module is based on our product 100M-SFP-FI. When You will order it will be encoded to be compatible with Cisco equipment and it will be labeled with part number: 100M-SFP-FI-CI, where CI means Cisco Compatible. Above You can download datasheet of our 100M-SFP-FI product.

# Product Description

  GLC-FE-T-I is an SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) which is based on our product 100M-SFP-FI and that is Cisco compatible and allows communications over the Cat5 unshielded twisted-pair copper cable of link lengths up to 100 meters. Twisted pair cables are made up of two conductors from a single circuit that have been twisted together for the aim of increasing electromagnetic compatibility in a system. Aluminum foil shielding is now commonly used in cables to provide improved protection against neighboring pair crosstalk. The Cisco GLC-FE-T-I compatible SFP module runs in the Industrial temperature range of -40° to 85°C and has an RJ45 standard connector. Modules typically consume 1 Watt per port. The transceiver is capable of data rates ranging from 10-100 Mbps and supporting applications such as 10base-t and 100base-t. The SFP transceiver is a multi-purpose module that can be used in a variety of places in today’s networking environment. As a result, the most widely used applications are data centers for server switching, LANs, and uplinks, as well as direct connections to the desktop devices for high-speed Internet applications.

    Because we wanted to make sure the GLC-FE-T-I transceiver is compatible with Cisco networking gear, we tested it on the most recent Cisco networking systems. This allowed us to encode the transceiver’s EEPROM memory to be compatible with and work flawlessly with Cisco platforms. Furthermore, the SFP MSA, SFF-8472, Class 1 FDA, and IEC60825-1 Laser Safety standards are all met by the Cisco compatible GLC-FE-T-I Transceiver. The Transceiver has received CE/RoHS approval and complies with product safety regulations. We conduct extensive quality inspections on all of our products before they are delivered because we want to provide the best service possible to our customers. Because of this, we do optical parameter measurements on SFP transceivers, as well as connector cleanliness testing and EEPROM memory data validation tests on the devices. We’d be delighted to learn more about your requirements – Contact Us.