HPE Transceiver compatibles – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Compatible HPE Transceivers

We are a supplier of compatible HPE transceivers that are well-known for their outstanding quality and reasonable cost. Given that HPE is one of the biggest and most recognized producers of contemporary communication systems, compatible HPE transceivers are in high demand. Network engineers around the world are often accustomed to the Part Number and Model Name logic of HPE transceivers, which is different from the Part Numbers (SKU) logic of our products. For ease of identification, we have used the HPE Transceiver Guide to match our compatible HP transceiver product line with HPE part numbers, allowing engineers to quickly find out our replacement product.

We can cover the whole compatible HP transceiver range and even offer an extension to the portfolio, for example, CWDM/DWDM modules, long range modules up to 100km, or various distance BIDI transceivers and more, with our special products and HPE custom encoded firmware where it can expand possibilities of deployment scenarios. Our products are widely used in HPE FlexFabric 5945, 5900 and 5950 series as well as HPE BladeSystem servers. Additionally in this section we cover HPE Fiber Channel 32/16/8/4Gb compatible transceivers which are used in HPE MSA Storage 2050, 2060 SAN equipment. It is important to note that HPE transceivers require special transceiver coding. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. And yes, if you are looking for Aruba transceiver products, they can be found under dedicated HPE Aruba Transceiver product category.

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HPE 400G QSFP-DD and 200G QSFP56

One of the current highest network speeds can be achieved using our HPE Compatible 400G and 200G modules. Compatible HPE 400G modules can achieve a speed of up to 425 Gbps by sending 53.125 GB in 8x lanes simultaneously. On the other hand Compatible HPE 200G modules can achieve 212.5 Gbps by sending the same 53.125 GB in 4x lanes at the same time. PAM4 infrastructure is the key of such high network speeds, a new milestone in the industry. Both these parameters ensure high efficiency working of our modules in distances ranging from 100 meters to 2 kilometers.

HPE QSFP28 & CFP2 Transceivers

Our compatible HPE QSFP28 100G optical transceivers are designed for use in 100GbE Ethernet applications. Our alternatives and substitutions for HPE QSFP28 100G transceiver lineup offer a wide variety of high-density and low-power 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options that are suitable for use in data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications. This selection of compatible HPE QSFP28 100G Optics encompasses common form factors like QSFP28 and CFP2 and includes both traditional applications such as 100G SR4, PSM4, CWDM4, CLR4, LR4 and as well as newer applications such as 100G Single Lambda PAM4 DR. Additionally when there is a need to connect devices with different speeds our compatible 100G to 4x 25G converter can become handy. Our range of compatible HPE QSFP28 transceivers is completely compliant with the industry’s standards and is able to operate on all mainstream HP platforms, such as FlexNetwork switches, BladeSystem servers and HP C-series devices. In order to ensure that our HP 100G transceiver portfolio functions in the same manner as HP OEM parts, we have amassed extensive knowledge and experience in the area of custom-encoded firmware for our offered HP 100G optics counterparts.

HPE QSFP+ Transceivers

HP QSFP+ 40G transceivers are widely used in FlexNetwork switches, BladeSystem servers. The compatible HP QSFP+ 40G (QSFP+ stands for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) form factor is the industry’s second-generation pluggable 40 Gbps optical transceiver standard operating at 40 Gbps data rate (4x 10Gbps). We have listed the mainstream HP QSFP+ 40G transceivers below. This compatible 40G portfolio includes products that are compliant with IEEE802.3bm, SFF-8436, and other related standards and have interconnection distances ranging from a few meters to 40 kilometers and they come with LC and MPO/MTP Connector types.

Our HP QSFP+ 40G BIDI Compatibles are a relatively new addition to the market. The main advantage of these modules is the use of integrated WDM technology in multimode transceivers which segregates transmission directions and uses 850nm and 900nm Tx/Rx wavelengths for transmission. This allows to reduce the number of fibers needed and most importantly, allows the use of the standard Double LC connector instead of MPO/MTP connector. Due to this advantage, HP QSFP+ BIDI is useful for upgrading data centers and other core network locations without having the need to change the cabling!

HPE 25G Transceivers

Over time compatible HPE 25G transceivers become even more popular, explanation can be found easily. Technology of today is starting to demand faster connection speeds, and SFP28 has developed as a logical continuation for HP SFP+ transceivers. In our portfolio of compatible HP 25G transceivers You will be able to find SR (up to 100 meter) and LR (up to 10KM) modules, as well as extended temperature module for Single Mode fiber solutions. Our inventory of supported systems includes the HPE FlexFabric and BladeSystem c-class, and other commonplace systems. As our experience has grown over years, for these platforms and other popular HP products we can supply compatible HPE 25G transceivers in different versions, BIDI, CWDM, DWDM, to fit all the needs of a customer. If you require consulting on this matter – feel free to contact us.

HPE SFP+ & XFP 10G Transceivers

Our compatible HPE SFP+ transceivers provide a cost-effective alternative to most 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments on mainstream HPE platforms, such as FlexNetwork switches, BladeSystem servers, and HPE MSA series devices.
In this section, you will find standard form factor HP SFP+ module with additional options to DWDM and BiDi (Bidirectional) solutions, as well as 10G XFP and 10G RJ45 copper modules. HPE SFP+ transceivers are available for Multi-Mode solutions from 220 to 300 meters (SR) and Single-Mode solutions from 10 km to 80 km. 10G Copper RJ45 operating distance will be up to 30 meters over Cat6a/7 cable. We evaluated HPE Transceiver Guide documentation to match our compatible HP SFP+ module product line with HP part codes for easy identification, allowing engineers to readily identify our substitute product.

HPE FlexNetwork Transceivers

HPE BladeSystem Transceivers

HPE MSA Storage & Others

HP SFP Module Compatibles

HPE has a significant share in communications equipment manufacturing, and HP 1Gb SFP connections are still frequently used, particularly in enterprise networking and ISP last mile Ethernet to the home applications. We have carefully analyzed HP SFP compatibility matrix and below have matched our 1G SFP module portfolio with HP SFP module range. Our HPE SFP transceiver compatibles have the same features as OEM modules: excellent reliability, lengths ranging from 100m to 120km, support DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) and they are IEEE 802.3z compliant – including 1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLX/LH, or 1000BaseZX. We can adjust practically any of our devices internal memory to assure HP SFP module compatibility. By using our compatible HPE SFP transceiver modules, you may save cost on network development while also increasing the flexibility of your solutions. Furthermore we also provide compatible HP 100Mbps transceivers for robust connections at 100Mbps at distances from 20 kilometers to 80 kilometers. Platforms like HPE X120, BladeSystem c-class, HPE MSA, and 3com series are among most often used to run all of the modules listed below.



HPE Fiber Channel 32/16/8/4 Gb Compatibles

Used in HPE MSA, B-Series and C-Series platforms, Fiber Channel as a Storage Area Network protocol is highly favored by those looking for robust, low-latency, high-bandwidth technology to interconnect computer data storage with servers. Starting with the highly common HP compatible transceivers with 32G Fiber Channel protocol, which is the latest addition to the FC protocol family and 16G fiber channel rates, this section includes 8GFC, 4GFC transceivers as well. Our HPE 32GB FC SFP+ versions are also backwards compatible with 16G FC and 8G FC, which are older versions of the FC protocol.

Our HPE Compatible Fiber Channel portfolio enhances the HPE standard portfolio with 32G/16G/10G/8G CWDM/DWDM compatible Fiber Channel modules. This provides network architects with greater flexibility when designing solutions for two datacenter interconnections over long haul links while preserving fiber resources and having parallel 32G or 16G FC rates over single or double fiber, or when designing two independent routes with multiple parallel 32G/16G FC links to provide backup in the event of an emergency. Using 32G Fiber Channel and 16G Fiber Channel CWDM/DWDM compatibles, we can create up to 45 parallel links with DWDM technology and up to 18 parallel links with CWDM technology. In such situations, the maximum interconnection distance for 32G or 16G Fiber Channel links is 40 kilometers, while the maximum distance for 8G or 10G Fiber Channel links is 100 kilometers. In general, we can assist with custom-designed solutions and consulting, including the selection of appropriate Fiber Channel compatible modules, CWDM or DWDM Multiplexing units, and compatibles for necessary parallel Ethernet links, if such needs arise. Feel free to reach out to us.

HPE 32Gb Fiber Channel SFP+

HPE 16Gb Fiber Channel SFP+

HPE 8Gb Fiber Channel SFP+

HPE 4Gb Fiber Channel SFP+