Compatible Juniper 400G Optics, CFP2 DCO and Juniper 25G all in one place for cost-efficient, high‑bandwidth interconnection applications.

Juniper 400G & 200G & 25G Compatible Transceivers

This section will cover compatible Juniper 400G optics, Juniper CFP2 DCO, Juniper 25G SFP28, and 2x100G QSFP28-DD where we used Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool and matched our product part numbers with Juniper Model Names and Part numbers for ease of identification for network engineers worldwide. Juniper QSFP-DD compatibles is a new generation of 400G and 2x100G data rate products, which are a set of super high-density transceiver modules based on QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density). The QSFP-DD MSA group has defined 400G QSFP-DD as a high-density, high-speed pluggable module of the next generation that is backwards compatible with 100G QSFP28 and even 40G QSFP+. The current mainstream QSFP form factor and the QSFP-DD form factor are very similar to one another. However, the QSFP-DD form factor have an additional row of contacts provided for an eight-lane electrical interface that can operate in 50G PAM4 modulation mode resulting in 8x50G (400G) transmission capacity (Juniper 400G transceiver compatibles) or can operate in 25G NRZ encoding mode resulting in 8x25G (200G) transmission capacity (2x100G Juniper Compatibles). Juniper 400G transceivers are still gaining market momentum, but have a great potential to become mainstream high-speed interfaces similar to 100G QSFP28 have become.

In recent years, the Juniper 25G transceiver portfolio has grown in popularity. The reason for this increase is that the speed of the 25G line is the highest that optical equipment can achieve using NRZ modulation, making it the most cost-effective and port-density-efficient transmission standard. Have a look at the products below and contact us if you have any questions!

Juniper 400G Optics

Juniper 400G optics have one of the highest Ethernet data rates, providing enhanced capabilities for major aggregation and high bandwidth connectivity applications. These applications include hyperscale data centers, internet exchanges, colocation services, wireless infrastructure core, service provider and operator core networks, and video distribution infrastructure. Our compatible Juniper 400G transceiver portfolio consists of modules which can operate over Single-Mode or Multi-Mode optical Fiber, can be used to connect Juniper 400G router or switches in distances from a couple of meters up to 10 kilometers and can support up to 425 Gbps data rate and 400G Ethernet application. Recently we have the ability to offer 400G-ER8 customized products for Juniper 400G QSFP-DD where connectivity up to 40 kilometers is required.

Juniper 25G SFP28

Our compatible Juniper 25G SFP28 transceiver range covers both, the SR (JNP-SFP-25G-SR) for short distances utilizing MMF fiber, and LR (JNP-SFP-25G-LR) variant for longer 10km distance on SMF fiber—typically for connecting remote sites. Moreover, with our expertise, we can provide not only SR and LR compatible Juniper Optics but ER type, BIDI 25G SFP28 or DWDM/CWDM 25G transceivers as well. Welcome to check our full 25G portfolio. Side note, transceivers support the IEEE 802.3by 25G standard.

Juniper 2x100G QSFP28-DD

Although Juniper 400G QSFP-DD optical transceivers are more common, there are also 2x100G QSFP-DD Juniper compatible transceivers, which are technically two 100G transceivers in one housing. These QSFP-DD Juniper compatible transceivers can provide great flexibility for operators on their migration path towards 400G PAM4 infrastructure and enable necessary interconnections with legacy high density 100G QSFP28 interfaces that employ NRZ encoding. 2x100G QSFP-DD Juniper compatible transceivers utilize the QSDP-DD form factor, but have double CS connectors that are 40% smaller than LC duplex connectors while delivering an increased performance. The footprint of the CS connector permits double the port density. Our 2x100G QSFP-DD Juniper compatibles can support up to 206.25 Gbps data rate and 2x100G Ethernet applications over connection distances ranging from a few meters up to 10 kilometers and require special CS patch cables.

Juniper CFP2 DCO

Our CFP2 versions include not only Juniper CFP2 DCO but other types of CFP2 transceivers. You can check our CFP2 versions in our product page. These connectivity options can be used for data center networking, corporate core aggregation, and service provider transport applications. Specific Juniper CFP2 DCO type should be adapted after careful link examination while it is a custom solution.