Our compatible Juniper SFP modules can help in the efficient development of your 1G network while also providing greater flexibility in network design options.

Compatible Juniper SFP Modules

We have divided our compatible Juniper SFP module selection into Juniper 1G SFP, Juniper Copper SFP, Juniper BIDI optics, and Juniper CWDM SFP parts on this page. Despite the industry’s shift toward higher data rates, Juniper SFP modules continue to be widely used in enterprise networking and ISP last mile Ethernet to the home applications. Engineers worldwide are familiar with Juniper SFP module Model Names and Part Numbers, and we used the Juniper SFP Compatibility Tool to match Juniper Part Numbers with our compatible Juniper 1G SFP module range.

Our Juniper SFP modules have the same features as OEM modules, including excellent reliability, lengths ranging from 550m to 120km, support for DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring), and compliance with IEEE 802.3z.

We can modify the internal memory of almost any of our devices to ensure Juniper SFP module compatibility and work on any Juniper series – EX, MX, QFX, SRX, PTX, and others. You can reduce network development costs while increasing the flexibility of your solutions by using our compatible Juniper SFP modules. Because the same Juniper part number can have multiple model names, we have classified Juniper compatible 1G SFP models into SFP-, SRX-, QFX-, EX- CTP- taxonomies. To find out which modules your switch or router supports, use the Juniper SFP Compatibility Tool. If you have any questions, please Contact Us!

Double Fiber Juniper 1G SFP modules

Our Double Fiber Compatible Juniper SFP modules were developed specifically for the transmission of gigabit Ethernet via two-fiber connections using the IEEE 802.3z standard. Our product selection of Juniper SFP modules alternatives comprises not just 1000BaseSX for use in multimode connections but also 1000BaseLX/LH, 1000BaseEX, and 1000BaseZX optical modules, all of which are designed for use over single mode optical fiber. Please keep in mind that our portfolio is much broader, and we can offer 1G modules for distances of up to 200km, as well as successfully integrate them to work seamlessly in Juniper platforms.

Juniper Copper SFP Transceivers

We are able to supply compatible Juniper copper SFP modules with compatibility for the 1000Base-T standard and a temperature range appropriate for commercial use (0° C to 70° C) or industrial temperature use (–40° C to 85° C). These Juniper copper SFP compatible modules are designed for interconnection distances up to 100m using Cat 5e cable and have RJ-45 connectors and are supported in EX,QFX, EX, MX, ACX, and other Juniper series.

Juniper BIDI Optics

1G Compatible Juniper BIDI optics have been on the market for a long time, as they are common in both corporate and ISP Ethernet-to-the-Home networks, and they help save fiber resources for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity by creating 1G connections with a single single-mode fiber rather than the typical two. Our portfolio includes the same Juniper BIDI Optic variants that are widely available, such as 20km, 40km, and 80km; however, with our expertise, we can provide compatibility for Juniper BIDI Optics in other distances such as 3km, 10km, 120km, 160km, and 200km, as well as different connectors such as LC and SC, and modules can be made for standard or industrial temperature environments. When you use Juniper BIDI Optics, you can build a more cost-effective network and save dark fiber resources.
Looking for Juniper compatible 100G/40G/10G BIDI? Please check the following: 10G, 40G and 100G.

Juniper CWDM SFP

In our compatible Juniper CWDM SFP portfolio we have eight channels for 1G 80km modules (1470-1610nm). Our compatible versions to these eight Juniper CWDM SFP modules are summarized below, but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Our 1G CWDM product portfolio can provide Juniper compatible sfp compatibility in all 18 ITU-T G.694.2 wavelengths, as well as a line budget of up to 36dB, enabling connections of up to 100km in length. Please contact our sales if you are interested.