Ubiquiti Transceiver & DAC Compatibles – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Ubiquiti Transceiver & DAC Compatibles

We provide affordable, high-quality compatible Ubiquiti transceivers and DAC cable compatibles that are in high demand due to Ubiquiti Networks popularity in the mid-tier networking segment. Our portfolio includes compatible Ubiquiti SFP tranceivers from 1G up to 25G, Ubiquiti DAC cables, AOC (Active Optical Cable) and Ubiquiti GPON SFP products. Our products use a different part number system than Ubiquiti Networks, which can be sometimes confusing for network engineers. To make life easier, we’ve matched our product line with products listed in Ubiquiti Transceiver Guide and Ubiquiti Networks compatibility selector tool so that our compatible products can be easily identified. Our products are compatible with most popular Ubiquiti UniFi switch and router and Ubiquiti AirFiber WiFi device lines. We offer a wide range of compatible solutions for various other types of Ubiquiti Networks transceivers, including specialized modules such as CWDM/DWDM, long-range modules and data-center equipment compatible transceiver or cable solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti SFP Transceiver – 1G, 10G and 25G

Our selection of compatible Ubiquiti SFP transceiver compatibles includes a wide range of modern options to meet any demand. Our product range includes transceivers with different distance capabilities, ranging from short-range transceivers that can transmit data up to 550 meters, to long-range modules that can transmit data up to 120 kilometers with a variety of data transfer rates, from Ubiquiti 1G SFP, Ubiquiti 10G SFP+ and Ubiquiti SFP28 25G compatible transceivers. Ensuring that we have solutions for different network needs. All potential needs for constructing reliable and quick network connections are taken care of.

Ubiquiti DAC & AOC Fiber Cable

Ubiquiti DAC (Direct Attach Cables) are high-speed copper cable assemblies that do not use optical lasers, making them a cost-effective and energy-saving alternative for connecting equipment over distances of up to 15 meters — typically within data centers or equipment rooms of telecom operators or enterprises. Here, we may prepare our products to function successfully on the Ubiquiti Networks platforms. You can check out our Ubiquiti DAC cables in different data rates from 10G up to 25G below.

If the distance is larger than 15m, Ubiquiti Active Optical Cables (AOC) are an excellent choice for local use – within service providers or enterprises data centers or equipment rooms. For extremely small distances, Ubiquiti SFP+ cable (DAC) are the best option, although AOC is better for up to 100 m. Significant advantages include being substantially lighter than Twinax DAC cables, consuming less power than transceivers, and having a high resistance to electromagnetic radiation (EMI). You are invited to explore our Ubiquiti Networks compatible AOC 10G – 25G products.

Ubiquiti GPON SFP Modules

EDGE Optics offers a range of Ubiquiti Networks compatible optical transceiver products, including transceivers that are designed to work with Ubiquiti GPON SFP OLT solutions. These transceivers are compatible with OLT Class B+ and C+ devices and have a transmission speed of Rx: 2.488/Tx: 1.244 Gbps. By using our compatible Ubiquiti GPON SFP transceivers, network operators can significantly increase the transmission power of their networks, allowing them to cover greater distances and reach more OLT subscribers.