FTLF3436W4BTxx Finisar compatible 25GE LR/eCPRI CWDM SFP28 Optical Transceiver

# Key Highlights
  • Type:SFP28
  • Compatibility:Finisar compatible
  • Tx/Rx Wavelength:1270-1330 nm / 1270-1610 nm
  • Laser:DFB Laser
  • Fiber Type:Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
  • Connectors:Double LC
  • Optical Budget:6.3 dB
  • Max. Distance:10km
  • Data Rate:8.5-28.1 Gbps
  • DDM/DOM:Supported
  • Temperature:Industrial -45°C – +85°C
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# Quality Assurance

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# Key Technical Data
Media Type:

TX Wavelength:

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RX Wavelength:

Minimum Optical Budget:

Maximum Distance:

Supported Data Rate:

Supported Applications:

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Temperature Range:


Tx Wavelength Bandwidth:

Rx Wavelength Bandwidth:

Minimum Transmitting Power:

Maximum Transmitting Power:

Receiver Sensitivity:

Receiver Overload:

Transmitter Type:

Receiver Type:



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Transceiver Type:

# Product Documentation
Multi-Vendor MSA Compatible CWDM-25GFH-SFP28-10-XXI SFP28 Datasheet

Finisar Compatible FTLF3436W4BTxx SFP28 Module is based on our product CWDM-25GFH-SFP28-10-XXI. When You will order it will be encoded with Finisar code and it will be labeled with part number: CWDM-25GFH-SFP28-10-XXI-FI, where FI means Finisar Compatible. Above You can download datasheet of our CWDM-25GFH-SFP28-10-XXI product.

# Product Description

   Finisar compatible FTLF3436W4BTxx is SFP28 (Small Form factor Pluggable 28) Transceiver, operating over Double Fiber Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) optical cable. It has minimum guaranteed optical budget of 6.3 dB, with in most cases is enough to reach about 10km distance. However, distance is just indicative parameter calculated for comfort of identification. Eventually we calculate distance taking in account minimal optical budget and average attenuation of optical cabling in industry. This transceiver use top quality DFB Laser transmitter with operating at 1270-1330 nm nominal wavelength (when ordering specific Tx wavelength needs to be selected above) and a 1270-1610 nm PIN photodiode receiver. FTLF3436W4BTxx support DDM/DOM optical diagnostics, that provide diagnostic information about the present operating conditions. Our Finisar compatible SFP28 transceiver operates in Industrial -45°C – +85°C temperature range and has Double LC interface. Finisar compatible FTLF3436W4BTxx support 8.5-28.1 Gbps data rate and such applications as CPRI option 10 (24.33 Gbps), CPRI option 9 (12.165 Gbps), CPRI Option 8 (10.138 Gbps), CPRI option 7 (9.830 Gbps). Our Finisar compatible SFP28 transceiver Double Fiber optical transceiver is multi-purpose module used in number of different places of today’s networking. Consequently, most popular applications are Mobile Carrier Networks, thus 5G fronthaul and O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) applications.

    Finisar is one of leading OEM manufacturer in our industry and their products are used by many equipment manufacturers. Our product EEPROM memory will be coded with necessary information to fully meet Finisar compatibility and will work seamlessly with platforms which support Finisar products. Transceiver is also fully compliant to SFP+ MSA, SFF-8402, SFF-8472, SFF-8431, SFF-8432, CE, RoHS-6, Class 1 FDA and IEC60825-1 Laser Safety standard. Transceiver is CE/RoHS certified and is compliant with product safety standards. We’d love to hear about your requirements – Contact Us

CWDM  Channels
ITU Channel THz nm Finisar Part Number Clasp Color Code
Channel 27 235.9 1271 FTLF3436W4BT27 Brown
Channel 29 232.2 1291 FTLF3436W4BT29 Blue
Channel 31 228.7 1311 FTLF3436W4BT31 Yellow
Channel 33 225.2 1331 FTLF3436W4BT33 Orange