Our compatible Cisco AOC cables Provide flexibility for bulletproof high-speed data center interconnections

Our compatible Cisco AOC cables portfolio

Our portfolio of compatible Cisco AOC cables is widely used to provide data center internal connections, storage area networks, and high-performance computing connectivity. In this section, we have mapped our AOC products with the OEM SKU in order to make it simpler for network engineers to locate the product that meets their requirements. An Active Optical Cable, also known as an AOC, is a high-speed optical cable assembly with attached pre-terminated optical transceivers to a multi-mode optical fiber. This type of cable is known as an active optical cable. This approach offers a number of benefits to the user. AOCs are significantly lighter than Twinax DAC cables, and they can reach distances up to 100 meters (DACs can reach distances up to 15 meters). They also have a modest bending radius of 3 millimeters, and they have a strong tolerance to electromagnetic radiation (EMI).

When compared to a traditional solution that consists of optical transceivers and a patch cable, the latter solution is easier to install and has less optical budget loss because there is no attenuation introduced by the connectors. As a result, longer distance connections are possible. Because there are no optical connectors, using AOC cables is inherently safer because there are fewer potential failure points. In our portfolio of compatible Cisco AOC cables, you’ll find alternatives to 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G AOC cables for both direct and breakout connections. The following product selection is organized according to Cisco SKUs and cable lengths; however, it is important to note that we are able to manufacture custom length Cisco AOC cables based on the requirements of the customer. We’d love to hear from you – Contact Us.

Compatible Cisco SFP+ Active optical cables

Using 10G speeds, our Cisco SFP+ active optical cables may be used to make cost-effective interconnections in the equipment room within racks using the ToR method or across close racks via the EoR or MoR approaches. Our Cisco SFP+ Active Optical Cables are available in lengths up to 100 meters and include SFF-8432 compliant 10G SFP+ preterminated connections at both ends. Cisco Active Optical Cable compatibles are the most versatile and interference-resistant option for long-distance communications inside data centers.

25G AOC Cable Cisco Compatibles

Our 25G AOC Cable Cisco compatibles are fitted with 25G SFP28 optical transceivers at both ends and OM3 Multimode optical fiber as the interconnecting medium. 25G AOC Cable Cisco compatibles use highly reliable 850nm VCSEL technology, have low power dissipation < 1.0 W per cable, and are available in lengths ranging from 1 to 10 meters. With the appropriate host software support, our Cisco compatible 25G AOC cables can support FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet).

40G AOC Cable Cisco Compatible

Shown 40G AOC Cable Cisco compatibles are direct-attached Active Optical Cables with 40G QSFP optical transceivers embedded at both ends. Our 40G AOC Cable Cisco compatibles feature 4 parallel lanes, each operating at 850nm using VCSEL lasers on the transmitter and receiver side—PIN Photodiodes. Cisco 40G AOC cables range in length from 1m to 30m, however our 40GBase AOC can be custom built for up to 100m over OM3 Multimode fiber (MMF). These AOC cables can operate at a 41.25 Gbps data rate (40G Ethernet) and enable optimal system airflow for your applications.

Our Cisco QSFP to four SFP+ AOC

Listed Cisco QSFP to four SFP+ Active Optical Breakout Cable compatibles are ideally suited for use in situations requiring cost-effective connectivity between high-speed 40 Gbps ports and lower-speed 10Gbps ports. The fact that there are 4 lanes, each of which can operate at 10.3125 Gbps (10G Ethernet), and an aggregated bandwidth of 41.25 Gbps (40G Ethernet) gives network architects the opportunity to connect network devices that run at different speeds. Compatible Cisco QSFP to four SFP+ Active Optical Breakout Cables come in lengths ranging from one meter all the way up to ten meters in total.

Compatible Cisco AOC Cables 100G

Our compatible Cisco AOC Cables 100G are an excellent option for use by network architects in situations in which it is necessary to make interconnections at limited distances that are high speed, robust, and low in power consumption. These situations typically involve rack-to-rack interconnections within the same equipment room. In the early stages, Cisco AOC Cables 100G compatibles were available in lengths ranging from one meter all the way up to thirty meters. On the other hand, should the need arise for a longer interconnection, we are able to make customized solutions for distances of up to one hundred meters for Cisco AOC Cables 100G compatibles.