Cisco Fiber Channel SFP portfolio and more – Cisco FC transceiver compatibles help to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

Compatible Cisco Fiber Channel SFP range

Because our compatible Cisco Fiber Channel SFP product range is popular and in high demand, we have used the Cisco FC SFP compatibility matrix and matched our product portfolio with the manufacturer’s OEM nomenclature for the convenience of network professionals. Due to its robustness, low-latency, high-bandwidth, and high-throughput characteristics, the Fiber Channel (FC) protocol family and SAN (Storage Area Network) approach are highly favored by many network solution architects. Compatible Cisco Fiber Channel SFPs are widely used in the Cisco MDS 9000 and Cisco Nexus platforms. Our selection of Cisco Fiber Channel SFP compatible modules includes both the most popular Cisco 16GB FC SFP and Cisco 8GB FC SFP alternatives, as well as the relatively new Cisco 32GB FC SFP series. Please note that the original Cisco MDS SFP product line does not include CWDM and DWDM versions of 16GB and 32GB FC modules, but we can adapt our CWDM and DWDM 16GB and 32GB FC products to work with Cisco devices. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

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Cisco 32GB FC SFP+ Compatibles

Our Cisco 32GB FC SFP+ Compatible product range supports the 32G Fiber Channel protocol, which is the latest addition to the FC protocol family. FC is a high-speed network technology for connecting mainframes and servers to large-scale storage devices. We have Cisco fiber channel SFP compatible versions for both SW (Short Wave) connections up to 100m over multi-mode fiber and LW (Long Wave) connections up to 10 km over single-mode fiber. Our Cisco 32GB FC SFP+ versions are also backwards compatible with 16G FC and 8G FC, which are older versions of the FC protocol.

Cisco 16GB FC SFP+ Compatibles

16GB Fiber Channel technology has been around for a long, yet it remains the standard and most common Fiber Channel technology today. Our Cisco 16GB FC SFP+ Compatible product line consists of three product variants: SW (Short Wave) connections up to 100m over multi-mode fiber, LW (Long Wave) connections up to 10 km over single-mode fiber, and ELW (Extended Long Wave) with improved optical budget for reaching 20km on single mode. Our alternatives to Cisco 16GB FC SFP+ modules are also compatible with prior versions of the FC protocol, such as 8GB FC and 4GB FC.

Cisco 10GB FC SFP+ Compatibles

We also provide alternatives to Cisco 10GB FC SFP+ equipment, whose popularity is already on the decline. The 10GB Fiber Channel protocol was the first to employ 64b/66b encoding. All earlier versions of Fibre Channel (1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb) utilized 8b/10b encoding. Despite the fact that 10GB Fiber Channel is not new, people continue to mistake it with 10G FCoE, the standard for encapsulating FC Payload in regular 10G Ethernet Frames. Our compatible versions of Cisco 10GB FC SFP+ optics include SW and LW versions—respectively for multi-mode and single-mode connections.

Cisco 8GB FC SFP+ Compatibles

Despite the fact that 8GB Fiber Channel was launched in 2005, interface cards for this technology are still widely available. It uses Fibre Channel technology in the SFP+ form factor and is based on 8b/10b encoding. This results in a full duplex throughput of 1600 MBps. Cisco 8GB FC SFP+ compatibles are available in SW (up to 300m), LW (up to 10km), and ER (up to 40km) variations. We can supply hybrid systems that enable longer distances (up to 100 km for 8G FC) as well as 8G/16G FC CWDM and DWDM in addition to standard modules.

Cisco 1G/2G/4GB FC SFP Compatibles

Cisco 1G, 2G, 4G Fiber Channel are quite old and data rates seem low when compared to current modern Fiber Channel data rate standards, however there can be situations when such storage to server interconnections need to be made and Cisco compatible modules become handy. In selection are Cisco compatible 4G FC data rate module versions of SW (Short Wave) module for interconnections over multi-mode fiber up to 380m distance (OM3) and two options for single-mode fiber links: MR for 4km Long Wave and LW for 10km Long Wave. For 2G FC data rate are as well multi-mode fiber SW (Short Wave) version and single-mode fiber LW (Long Wave) version avaliable each offering 1/2-Gbps autosensing Fibre Channel connectivity. Lastly there is DS-SFP-GE-T which provide 1G Copper GE Ethernet in case such connectivity requirement arise in these Fiber Channel platforms.

Fiber Channel CWDM&DWDM Solutions

Our Cisco Compatible Fiber Channel portfolio enhances the Cisco standard portfolio with 32G/16G/10G/8G CWDM/DWDM compatible Fiber Channel modules. This provides network architects with greater flexibility when designing solutions for two datacenter interconnections over long haul links while preserving fiber resources and having parallel 32G or 16G FC rates over single or double fiber, or when designing two independent routes with multiple parallel 32G/16G FC links to provide backup in the event of an emergency. Using 32G Fiber Channel and 16G Fiber Channel CWDM/DWDM compatibles, we can create up to 45 parallel links with DWDM technology and up to 18 parallel links with CWDM technology. In such situations, the maximum interconnection distance for 32G or 16G Fiber Channel links is 40 kilometers, while the maximum distance for 8G or 10G Fiber Channel links is 100 kilometers. In general, we can assist with custom-designed solutions and consulting, including the selection of appropriate Fiber Channel compatible modules, CWDM or DWDM Multiplexing units, and compatibles for necessary parallel Ethernet links, if such needs arise. Feel free to reach out to us.