Our Compatible Cisco SFP28 Transceiver Lineup – gives networking professionals more flexibility enriching design options and lowering costs.

Compatible Cisco SFP28 Transceiver Lineup

The Cisco SFP28 transceiver portfolio has been increasingly popular in recent years. The reason for this rise is that the 25G line’s speed is the maximum that optical equipment can reach utilizing NRZ modulation, making it the most cost-effective and port-density-efficient transmission standard. Of course, it is also important that 25G is compatible with the 100G Popular standard, which is done with four 25G lines.

We have a complete line of 25G solutions that are fully compatible with Cisco gear. We utilized the Cisco 25g SFP compatibility matrix to arrange our alternative products by Cisco product names, making life easier for network experts who are acquainted with Cisco SFP28 transceiver product names. Our compatible Cisco 25GB SFP range is based on the SFP28 form factor, which is the third generation of the SFP and stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28. The SFP28 is an enhanced version of the SFP+ but is designed for 25G signal transmission.

We can assure Cisco SFP28 compatibility across all mainstream platforms, including Cisco Nexus 25G, Catalyst, and NCS, due to our significant experience developing and configuring optical transceiver devices to perform across various networking platforms and manufacturers. Our compatible Cisco 25GB SFP series gives networking professionals more flexibility because we can not only provide alternatives to the transceivers outlined in the Cisco SFP28 compatibility matrix, but we can also configure virtually any device in our SFP28 portfolio to work on Cisco devices, enriching design options and lowering costs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Cisco 25GB SFP Double Fiber compatibles

Our compatible Cisco SFP28 transceiver range covers the most popular standards for SR and CRS for short distances utilizing MMF fiber, as well as LR and ER variants for longer distances on SMF fiber—typically for connecting remote sites. Our Cisco SFP28 transceiver alternatives support the IEEE 802.3by 25G standard but are also backwards compatible with SFP + ports. Our Cisco 25GB SFP alternatives will operate at 10G speeds when plugged into SFP+ ports.

Cisco 25G BiDi and Industrial compatibles

Our compatible Cisco 25G BiDi modules enable you to preserve fiber SMF optical resources and build 25G connections utilizing WDM technology, which separates transmission directions using two distinct wavelengths—1270nm and 1330nm. Because each side has a separate TX and RX wavelength pair, WDM technology compatible Cisco 25G BiDi always operates in pairs. Compatible Cisco Industrial SFP28 transceivers, on the other hand, can withstand greater temperatures and so may be utilized in industrial settings.