GBIC Cisco compatibles, X2 and XENPAK are end-of-life (EOL). Read our tips if you still have equipment that needs them.

Our Cisco Compatible Products – End-Of-Life

In this section, we cover Cisco End-of-Life compatible optical transceivers that were once popular but are now in short supply or have been discontinued, and we offer alternatives if you still have network equipment and a need for these products to establish desired connections. This section cover GBIC Cisco compatibles, Cisco X2 optics and Cisco XENPAK 10G transceivers.

GBIC Cisco compatibles

In this GBIC Cisco compatible section we cover – GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) which were the first hot-swappable transceivers defined in 1995. Since they are the predecessors in the optical transceiver industry, many people today refer to modern optical transceivers (SFP, SFP+, and QSFP28) as GBICs. Are you seeking for GBIC Cisco form factor optical transceivers, or do you require newer form factor optical transceivers such as SFP, SFP+, and QSFP28? If you answered, “I really need GBIC Cisco form factor optical transceivers,” then the news is not so good. Due to the fact that GBIC form factor is outdated and seldom demanded, there is a material shortage and unstable supply. In the event that GBIC Cisco compatibles are required, we have limited options and would recommend migrating to newer generation equipment with SFP optical ports, for which optical transceiver supply and options to choose from are abundant.

Compatible Cisco X2 optics

The older generation Cisco X2 optics compatibles have been replaced by more current 10G SFP+ optical transceivers. We are as of now unable to offer compatible Cisco X2 optics, but we can recommend the CVR-X2-SFP10G X2 to SFP+ adapter, that can be used in equipment’s X2 ports while more modern SFP+ modules are used in the X2 adapter. The SFP+ transceiver used will determine the optical parameters and performance of the X2 adapter. There is vast selection of SFP+ optical transceivers available for this scenario, ranging from short-range multimode transceivers to 80km SFP+ or CWDM/DWDM SFP+ single mode optical transceivers.

Cisco XENPAK compatibles

Compatible Cisco XENPAK optical transceivers similar to X2 transceivers are an older breed 10G optical transceivers (XENPAK form factor) that have been replaced by SFP+ due to the latest smaller space requirements that result in higher port density and greater power efficiency. Compatible Cisco XENPAK 10G modules are no longer available, but we can recommend Cisco XENPAK to SFP+ converter. With the aid of the Cisco XENPAK to SFP+ converter, network architects can connect older generation devices to the network and make connections over Single Mode Fiber or Multi Mode Fiber, with distances ranging from a few meters to 80 kilometers, based on the SFP+ modules used in the adapter.