Our compatible Dell Cables – 10G to 400G DAC twinax, AOC and Breakout options offer flexible and reliable ways for high-speed data center interconnections, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance.

Dell DAC & AOC Cable Compatibles

Our comprehensive product line features Dell DAC, AOC, and Breakout cable solutions, widely employed for short-distance connections spanning 10G to 400G data rates within data centers. In-depth analysis of Dell DAC and AOC cable datasheets has allowed us to align our products seamlessly with the Part Numbers of Dell OEM versions, simplifying the workflow for data center engineers. Our compatible Dell DAC twinax, AOC, and Breakout Cables are engineered based on our own products, ensuring seamless integration with various Dell data center equipment units, including routers, switches, and network interface cards.
Optimal for connecting equipment ports within a 10-meter range, our compatible Dell DAC cables provide a cost-effective solution, while AOC cables are recommended for longer distances. Our solutions are tailored for efficient operation across all common Dell data center equipment units, offering flexibility and reliability for high-speed interconnections in data centers.
Dell Cables (Direct Attach Copper) offer a cost-effective solution for short-distance connections without using optical lasers. On the other hand, AOC (Active Optical Cable) provides high-speed optical cables with built-in transceivers, ideal for multi-mode optical fiber interconnections. AOC cables offer several advantages, including being lighter, reaching longer distances (up to 100 meters compared to DAC’s 10 meters), having a smaller bending radius, and being more resistant to electromagnetic radiation (EMI). AOC cables are easier to install, with less optical budget loss compared to traditional solutions, and are safer due to fewer potential failure points without separate optical connectors. We’d love to hear from you – Contact Us!

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Dell (Force10)

Dell AOC Cable

Elevate your data center connectivity with our range of Dell AOC (Active Optical Cable) solutions, designed to deliver high-speed and reliable optical connectivity for a variety of applications. Dell AOC cables are active optical cables that integrate optical transceivers directly into the cable assembly, providing a robust and efficient solution for data transmission.
Ideal for multi-mode optical fiber interconnections, Dell AOC cables offer advantages such as lighter weight, longer reach (up to 100 meters), a smaller bending radius, and increased resistance to electromagnetic radiation (EMI). These cables are well-suited for connecting various data center components, including switches, routers, and network interface cards, ensuring seamless high-speed interconnections.
Compared to traditional solutions with separate transceivers and patch cables, Dell AOC cables provide several benefits. They are easier to install, have less optical budget loss, and boast a higher level of safety due to fewer potential failure points with the absence of optical connectors.

Dell DAC Twinax Cables

Supercharge your data center with the high-performance connectivity of Dell DAC Twinax Cables, supporting data rates from 10G to 400G. These Direct Attach Copper cables are engineered to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for short-distance connections within your network infrastructure. Ideal for connecting equipment ports within a 10-meter range, Dell DAC Twinax Cables offer a seamless and efficient means of data transfer.
Crafted for compatibility with Dell networking equipment, including switches, routers, and network interface cards, these cables are a valuable addition to your data center environment. The versatility of supporting data rates from 10G to 400G makes Dell DAC Twinax Cables a future-proof solution for evolving network requirements. With a straightforward setup and the elimination of the need for optical transceivers, Dell DAC Twinax Cables provide a convenient and budget-friendly alternative for high-speed data transmission.

Dell QSFP+ & QSFP28 Breakout Cable

Elevate your network connectivity with the versatility of Dell 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 Breakout Cables. Engineered for high-performance data centers, these cables provide a flexible and efficient solution for splitting high-speed connections into multiple lower-speed links.
The Dell 40G QSFP+ Breakout Cable allows you to split a single 40G connection into four separate 10G connections, providing adaptability for various networking scenarios. It’s an ideal choice for optimizing connectivity within your data center, ensuring seamless communication between switches, routers, and other network components.
For even higher data rates, the Dell 100G QSFP28 Breakout Cable enables the transformation of a single 100G connection into four separate 25G connections. This breakout cable is well-suited for modern data centers that demand increased bandwidth and scalability.