Our compatible Extreme Networks – 10G to 100G PDAC, ADAC, AOC and Breakout options offer flexible and reliable ways for high-speed interconnections, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance

Extreme Networks 10G-100G Cable & Breakout Compatibles

Our compatible Extreme Networks DAC (PDAC/ADAC) cables are ideal for connecting equipment ports that are within 10 meters of each other, while AOC cables should be considered for longer distances. Extreme Networks Cables (Direct Attach Copper) are cost-effective high-speed copper cables that do not use optical lasers while AOC (Active Optical Cable), on the other hand, are high-speed optical cables with built-in optical transceivers for multi-mode optical fiber interconnections. AOC cables have several advantages, including being lighter, reaching longer distances (up to 100 meters compared to DAC’s 10 meters), having a smaller bending radius, and being more resistant to electromagnetic radiation (EMI). AOC cables are also easier to install and have less optical budget loss compared to traditional solutions with separate transceivers and patch cables. Moreover, AOC cables are safer as they have fewer potential failure points due to the absence of optical connectors. We’d love to hear from you – Contact Us!

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Extreme 100G DAC & AOC & Breakout Cables

Our compatible 100G Extreme Networks Cables section consists of QSFP28 Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable assemblies in distances up to 5m and Active Optical Cable (AOC) assemblies in distances up to 20m. This section also includes a 100G PDAC breakout cable option, those cables provide an interconnection option of 100GbE QSFP28 to 4x25GbE SFP28.

Extreme 40G QSFP+ Cables & Breakouts

The Extreme Networks 40G DAC cable portfolio includes 40G QSFP to QSFP direct-attach cable passive assemblies ranging in length from 0.5 to 5, QSFP to QSFP direct-attach cable active assembly ranging in length of 7m, QSFP to QSFP active optical cables length from 3m to 100m and breakout cable options up 10. Breakout cable connects 40GbE QSFP+ to 4x10GbE SFP+ interfaces and it perfect option for connecting network devices operating at different speeds. Cables are fully compliant with QSFP+ Multi-Source Agreement SFF-8436.The 40G cable itself has four independent 10Gbps lanes in each direction and supports data rates ranging from 2.125 to 41.2 Gbps for multi-rate communication and applications such as 40G Ethernet (41.25Gbps), 10G Ethernet (10.31Gbps), and Fiber channel speeds.

Extreme Networks 25G SFP28 Cables

Further on our Extreme Networks cable portfolio, we provide 25G DAC cable products of lengths ranging from 0.5 to 5 meters and 25G AOC cable products of lengths ranging from 10 to 20 meters, which ensures a smooth and stable network data rate growth following 10G transceiver generation. Our 25G DAC/AOC cable product line is intended not only for 25G Ethernet and 32G Fiber Channel applications, but also for 10G Ethernet, with data rates ranging from 10.31 to 28.05 Gbps supported. Our 25G DAC/AOC cable products are most commonly used for low-cost close-range interconnections within the equipment room for telecom operators or data centers, as well as Top of Rack consolidations and wireless backhaul.

Extreme Networks 10G SFP+ Cables

Extreme Networks 10G DAC cable selection includes 10G SFP+ form factor DAC cables with distances ranging from 0.5 to 10 meters and 10G SFP+ AOC cables with distances ranging from 10m to 20 meters. Our 10G DAC/AOC cable product line supports data rates ranging from 1.0625 to 10.52 Gbps and applications such as 10G Ethernet, GE Ethernet, and 1/2/4/8/10G Fiber Channel. The most common applications for our 10G DAC/AOC cable compatibles are cost effective close range interconnections where Servers are being interconnected with Switches.