Our Compatible Cisco 1G SFP Range-enables you to save expense on network development while also boosting the flexibility of your solutions

Our Compatible Cisco 1G SFP Range

Cisco 1G SFP Modules may still be the most popular in the world in terms of volume. Cisco is a significant communications equipment manufacturer, and 1G connections are still frequently used, particularly in enterprise networking and ISP last mile Ethernet to the home applications. Engineers all across the globe are familiar with Cisco product nomenclature, but because we can configure our products for seamless operation on Cisco hardware, we have matched our compatible Cisco 1G SFP product range with the Cisco nomenclature for the ease of use for engineers. Our Cisco compatible SFP have the same features as OEM modules: excellent reliability, lengths ranging from 100m to 160km, support DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) and they are IEEE 802.3z compliant – including 1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLX/LH, or 1000BaseZX.

All of the most common conventional Ethernet double fiber Cisco SFP modules for normal and industrial temperature environments, as well as BiDI modules, CWDM modules, and DWDM modules, are available in our compatible Cisco 1G SFP portfolio. We can adjust practically any of our devices’ internal memory to assure Cisco SFP module compatibility. By using our Cisco compatible SFP modules, you may save cost on network development while also increasing the flexibility of your solutions. Please contact us if you do have any questions.

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Compatible Cisco Copper SFP

We are able to supply compatible Cisco Copper SFP modules with compatibility for the 1000Base-T standard and a temperature range appropriate for commercial use. All of the Cisco Compatible SFPs that are displayed in this section are derived from our 1000M-SFP-M product; however, due to the fact that Cisco SFP part numbers have changed throughout the years, we have implemented all of the different versions of SKUs.

Double Fiber Cisco compatible SFP

Our Double Fiber Cisco Compatible SFP optical transceivers were developed specifically for the transmission of gigabit Ethernet via two-fiber connections using the 802.3z standard. Our product selection of Cisco SFP modules alternatives comprises not just 1000BaseSX for use in multimode connections but also 1000BaseLX/LH, 1000BaseEX, and 1000BaseZX optical modules, all of which are designed for use in single mode networks. We have made use of each and every version of the SKUs available to us in order to accommodate the fact that the Cisco SFP component numbers have evolved over the course of the years. The compatibility of Cisco SFP modules may be achieved by specifying a number of parameters inside the memory of our devices. Please always verify our compatible Cisco SFP datasheet in order to obtain specific information on the technical parameters of the equipment.

Compatible Cisco Rugged SFP

Our Cisco rugged SFP alternatives are designed to function in severe environments and are able to withstand temperatures ranging from -45 degrees Celsius to plus 85 degrees Celsius. These compatible Cisco industrial SFP modules are used frequently in a wide variety of Internet of Things solutions in the manufacturing industry as well as other industries. We are able to offer our alternatives for both the Cisco 1000mbps multi-mode rugged SFP and the 1000mbps single-mode rugged SFP.

Compatible Cisco SDH SFP

Our compatible Cisco SDH SFP supports Packet-Over-SONET/SDH (POS) communication standards such as STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16 data rates for multimode, short-reach, intermediate-reach, and long-reach connections. Although POS and ATM technology are on their decline, many routers in live networks still have these interfaces. Using our Cisco compatible SFP products, you can enjoy budgetary economy and great technical support.