Juniper 100G Optics portfolio – entire 100G range including Juniper QSFP28, CFP and CFP2 to save Your budget and build with ease!

Compatible Juniper 100G Optics

Our Juniper 100G Optics selection includes the most common form factors, including QSFP28, CFP, and CFP2. We used the Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool to match Juniper OEM versions with Juniper compatible products. It is worth mentioning that we can provide a broader range of Juniper 100G optics than those listed in the Juniper OEM selection, including products such as the ZR4 (80km), ZR4+ (100km), 100G BIDI, and others. Without a doubt, Juniper QSFP28 transceivers (sometimes refered to as Juniper 100G SFP) have emerged as the most popular form factor from Juniper’s 100G optics range, and we cover both NRZ and PAM4 100G QSFP28 type Juniper modules here. Juniper 100G optics are used in the Juniper MX 100G, SRX, EX, and other series ports. Because the same Juniper part number can have several model names, we have segmented Juniper compatible 100G QSFP28 models with QSFP, JNP, C, T2 taxonomies. To check which exact module is supported by your Switch or Juniper 100G Router please go to Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool.

The CFP and CFP2, both form factors of the first generation of 100G optics, are becoming increasingly scarce. However, we still see a number of Juniper 100G switches and Juniper 100G routers in operation that include Juniper 100G line cards with Juniper CFP and CFP2 ports.

Our Juniper 100G optics alternatives and substitutions provide a wide range of high-density and low-power 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options suitable for use in data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications. Our Juniper 100G Optics collection is well known for its exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness, allowing our customers all over the world to deploy cutting-edge networks. Our Juniper 100g compatible optics are fully compliant with industry standards and can be used on all mainstream Juniper platforms. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the area of custom-encoded firmware for our offered Juniper 100G Optics counterparts in order to ensure that our Juniper 100G transceiver portfolio functions in the same manner as Juniper OEM parts. If you have any questions, please – Contact Us!

Juniper QSFP28

The most popular Juniper 100G optics are available in our Juniper QSFP28 compatible transceiver lineup (sometimes refered to as Juniper 100G SFP) which are available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The much-desired 100G ZR4 80 km, 100G ZR4+ 100 km, BIDI 100G LR1/ER1 and 100G DWDM QSFP28 versions are not listed here, but they are also available and can be Juniper-compatible! Our compatible transceivers enable our customers to enjoy cost-effective solutions for remote site connectivity at a 100G data rate, as well as a unique opportunity to broaden their options when compared to original Juniper transceiver options. Our Juniper QSFP28 compatible transceiver lineup includes custom-encoded firmware that allows them to work on all major Juniper 100G switches and routers.

Our Juniper 100G Quad SFP transceivers use a fixed 103.25 Gbps data rate and are fully compliant with industry standards (QSFP28 MSA) and interoperable with other IEEE-compliant 100GBASE interfaces. Juniper’s 100G SFP portfolio includes both traditional applications such as 100G SR4, BiDi, PSM4, CWDM4, LR4, and ER4 as well as newer applications such as 100G Single Lambda PAM4 DR, FR, and LR.

Juniper CFP

Juniper CFP modules are used in the Juniper MX 100G, SRX, EX, and PTX switch and router series. Modules with SRX in the model name are supported in the Juniper SRX series as well as the MX, EX, and PTX series, according to the Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool; thus, we have divided the portfolio into CFP modules for the SRX series and CFP modules for all other series. Our Juniper CFP compatible version is built around a first-generation 100G transceiver module and has ten lanes of 10 Gbit/s electrical interface. It is compatible with Juniper CFP SR10 and uses 10 parallel lanes at 850 nm over multi-mode optical cable, but its LR4 and ER4 versions include a built-in so-called gear-box that converts 10 lanes of 10 Gbit/s on the electrical interface.

Juniper CFP2

Juniper CFP2 transceivers are mostly used in Juniper MX, SRX and PTX series platforms. Our Juniper CFP2 compatible versions cover three transceivers which are devoted to 100 Gigabit Ethernet connection options. These connectivity options can be used for data center networking, corporate core aggregation, and service provider transport applications. Additionally there are three Juniper CFP2 modules which support both 100GBASE Ethernet (103.125 Gbps) as well as OTU4 (111.81 Gbps) rates. All of the Juniper CFP2 compatible versions are based on CFP2 MSA Hardware Specification 1.0 with modifications and related 100G Ethernet and OTU standards.

Juniper QSFP28 to SFP28 Adapters

Our portfolio also consists of Juniper adapters. We provide QSFP28 to SFP28 converter modules for smooth transfer from quad-lane port to single lane optical transceiver