100G modules and CPAK
Cisco 100g CPAK transceiver availability?

On March 2013 Cisco announced launch of it’s proprietary 100G optical transceiver module called CPAK. Unless other pluggable optic form-factors like XFP, SFP+, QSFP, CFP, CFP2/4 with are industry standard (Multi-Source Agreement MSA), CPAK is totally Cisco proprietary. What makes CPAK Different? CPAK was first transceiver using...

CFP Optical Transceiver: The Basics

The CFP module is a hot pluggable form factor designed for optical networking applications. CFP is acronym from 100G (C = 100 in Roman numerals; Centum) Form factor Pluggable. As name suggests, CFP is introduced to serve as optical transceiver for 100G interfaces. There are...