Our NOKIA AirScale and Flexi BTS compatible CPRI/eCPRI transceivers enable Mobile Operators to build Fronthaul Networks more efficiently and with greater flexibility!

NOKIA CPRI Compatibles

The mobile network industry is moving forward to higher data rates by upgrading equipment which includes NOKIA AirScale and Flexi BTS CPRI compatible transceivers. Current 4G (fourth generation) networks are being rapidly combined with 5G (fifth generation) mobile networks which offer higher data rates for users and as well put pressure on Mobile Fronthaul and require increased CPRI/eCPRI data rates. As Mobile technology advances, also NOKIA CPRI SFP transceivers and their respective data rates increase. Current 10G transceivers are being upgraded to 25G transceivers for the next high data rate Mobile technology – 5G. EDGE Optics offers optical transceivers for NOKIA 4G and 5G base stations. Our portfolio includes 9.8G CPRI Option 7 Double-fiber, and Single-fiber (Bidirectional) transceivers, as well 24.33G CPRI Option 10 Double-Fiber and Single-fiber versions. Transceiver types include versions for Multi-Mode fiber and as well for Single-Mode fiber interconnections between NOKIA BBU and RRU. We at Edge Optics have done extensive tests in NOKIA AirScale and Flexi BTS Base station models as a result we can guarantee full compatibility to these base stations series. Check out our portfolio below and be sure to contact us if any questions arise!

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NOKIA (Alcatel)

NOKIA 9.8G SFP+ CPRI 3-7 RRU/BBU Fronthaul

Our NOKIA CPRI 3-7 9.8G RRU/BBU SFP+ Fronthaul compatibles consist of cost-effective and reliable SFP+ transceivers, validated in NOKIA BBU and RRU equipment, such as AirScale and Flexi. The NOKIA SFP+ 9.8G Fronthaul compatible portfolio from EDGE products is listed below and covers both standard temperature transceiver versions (0-70C) as well as industrial temperature transceivers (-40 to 85C) for harsh outdoor environments. There are much more 9.8G SFP+ transceivers which we can make compatible with NOKIA platforms, among whom some of the most popular ones are BIDI Single Fiber SFP+ Fronthaul modules, which can help Mobile operators to save optical fiber resources between NOKIA RRU and BBU.

Long Range 10-20 km 1310nm

Short Range 300 m 850nm


Our NOKIA QSFP28 100G Ethernet CPRI/eCPRI compatible transceiver can be used in combination with 25G eCPRI CWDM SFP28 transceivers, where NOKIA QSFP28 100G Ethernet CPRI/eCPRI can be used in the BBU, while 4x25G eCPRI CWDM SFP28 modules can be used in the RRU. For more details on this scenario please take a look at 5G Fronthaul Scenario #5 – 100G/40G Optical Junction Boxes in our 5G WDM section.

NOKIA 24G CPRI-10 AirScale Fronthaul SFP28

25GbE/CPRI-10 and 10GbE/CPRI-7/8 is the headmost approach for 5G Fronthaul solutions and EDGE can offer a variety of NOKIA 25G SFP28 Fronthaul compatibles, capable of the same results as OEM counterparts in NOKIA BBU and RRU equipment, but for fraction of the cost.

NOKIA 3G CPRI 1-4 Flexi Fronthaul SFP

NOKIA 3G CPRI 1-4 Flexi Fronthaul SFP are older generation CPRI optical modules used in NOKIA Flexi BBU and RRU models, mostly at CPRI option 2 rate 1.22 Gbps, available in two options one for interconnection over Multi-Mode Fiber, other for interconnection over Single-Mode Fiber up to 10km distance.