Check Point 1G to 100G Transceiver & 10G to 100G DAC Compatibles – match your needs with products from our portfolio and find outstanding quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Check Point Network Transceiver Compatibles

Our company proudly provides a diverse selection of affordable, high-quality compatible transceivers and Direct Attach Cables (DAC) designed to meet the specific demands of networks utilizing Check Point’s cutting-edge security appliances and solutions. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of Check Point-compatible 1G to 100G transceivers and 10G to 100G DAC cables and specialized solutions such as CWDM/DWDM modules. We understand the importance of simplifying the procurement process for network engineers. To enhance ease of use, we have aligned our part number system with products listed in Check Point’s Transceiver Guide and compatibility selector tools. This ensures that our compatible products seamlessly integrate with Check Point Security Gateways and other key networking equipment.
For any inquiries or further assistance, please do not hesitate contact Us!  We are dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers and contributing to the success of their cybersecurity initiatives. Choose our reliable and cost-effective solutions to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance within your Check Point-powered network infrastructure.

Check Point 1G-100G Transceivers & DAC Cables

In this section, You will find compatible Check Point optical modules with operational speeds ranging from 1G to 100G and DAC cables with operational speeds ranging from 10G to 100G. Modules are available for use with both single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Based on the form factor type, they are available with different connectors such as LC, MTP/MPO. Some special modules as 40G BiDi modules with Tx/Rx Wavelength: Ch1:850nm; Ch2:900nm / Ch1:900nm; Ch2:850nm, 100G to 4x25G Converter module and of course various RJ45 modules. Cables selection includes various speed DAC cables in various distances, as well as 100G to 4x25G and 40G to 4x10G breakout cables.