Explore our inventory of Cisco 10G Transceiver compatibles – it includes the entire Cisco 10G range, allowing you to save budget and build better network.

Compatible Cisco 10G Transceiver portfolio

Since so many engineers all across the world are accustomed to the Cisco 10G transceiver nomenclature, we have matched our offered Cisco 10G transceiver range to the 10G Cisco product nomenclature for the sake of convenience. We are offering a broad spectrum of compatible optical transceivers, allowing engineers to achieve both cost benefits and the ability to build better network solutions, as our Cisco 10G transceiver portfolio can be considerably larger than that offered by manufacturers, as we are able to configure any transceiver from our product portfolio to successfully work on Cisco platforms. Even though XFP was the first generation of 10G transceivers and is now in decline, it is still used in a large number of older platforms that are still operational today. In case of any questions fell free to Contact Us!

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Cisco 10GB SFP Module range

Our Cisco SFP+ Module compatible range is the most popular and commonly used Cisco 10G optics, and it is used to create 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments in a number of networking scenarios. It’s a fun fact that many customers still refer to them as Cisco 10GB GBIC, which is an outdated and incorrect slang term. It is possible for us to encode our Cisco SFPG-10G compatibles for successful and reliable operation on all Cisco mainstream platforms, including the Nexus, Catalyst, and ASR Series. Please see below for our complete collection of double fiber Cisco SFP+ Modules. If you are seeking for BiDi 10G modules, check out in our BiDi product page.

Compatible Cisco SFP+ S-class

Enterprise and data center customers have been using Cisco S-class optics since they were first introduced in 2014. However, many network engineers are still puzzled as to what exactly the difference between Cisco S-class optics and the Cisco 10GB SFP Module range is. The only protocol these Cisco S-class optics supported was Ethernet. They didn’t work with Fiber Channel or OTN (Open Transport Network). The advantage of Cisco S-class optics was their lower price. In the current version of our product line, our Cisco SFP+ S-class compatible replacements are the same as our Cisco 10GB SFP Modules. They are compatible with all of these protocols and are available at the same low price.

10G Cisco Industrial Modules

Designed for use in the harshest industrial environments, the 10G Cisco Industrial Modules (X-Series) are a Cisco 10G transceiver range that features an extended operating temperature range to ensure reliable operation. Our compatible substitutes for 10G Cisco Industrial Modules operate in a temperature range of -45 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius in industrial environments. The Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) 5000 Series Switches are the only Cisco platform currently available that is designed to operate in an industrial environment while also supporting 10 Gigabit applications. Our 10G Cisco Industrial Modules compatible alternatives can be encoded to function as IE-5000-12S12P-10G uplink SFP+ modules.

Compatible Cisco XFP 10G

The XFP 10G optical transceivers are the first generation of 10G transceivers, designed to support multi-rate applications such as 10G Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64. Nowadays, Cisco XFP 10G transceivers are mainly used for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) connectivity options for data center, enterprise wiring closet, and service provider transport applications. We used the Cisco XFP compatibility matrix to match our product alternatives to the Cisco XFP 10G nomenclature. Our Cisco XFP 10G compatible alternatives can be encoded to support Ethernet and Transport applications in linecards of popular platforms such as the ASR9000, 7600, and ME3600X.