Cisco 100G Optics compatible portfolio – entire Cisco 100G transceiver compatibles range to save budget and and build better network.

Cisco 100G Optics

Our selection of compatible Cisco 100G Optics encompasses all of the most common form factors, including QSFP28, CFP, and CFP2. Without a doubt, the Cisco QSFP28 transceiver has emerged as the most popular form factor for Cisco’s 100G Optics.

Both the CFP and the CFP2, which are both part of the first generation of 100G optics, are becoming less and less common as time goes on. However, we still see that a significant number of the systems that are currently in operation include line cards that are fitted with Cisco CFP and CFP2 ports. Despite the fact that these already obsolete items are not widely used, makes Cisco CFP and CFP2 quite demanded.

Our alternatives and substitutions for Cisco’s 100G transceiver lineup offer a wide variety of high-density and low-power 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options that are suitable for use in data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications. Our collection of compatible Cisco 100G Optics is well recognized for its outstanding quality and cost balance, which enables our customers all over the world to deploy cutting-edge networks. Our range of compatible Cisco 100g transceivers is completely compliant with the industry’s standards and is able to operate on all mainstream Cisco platforms. In order to ensure that our Cisco 100g transceiver portfolio functions in the same manner as Cisco OEM parts, we have amassed extensive knowledge and experience in the area of custom-encoded firmware for our offered Cisco 100G Optics counterparts. In case of any questions – Contact Us!

Cisco QSFP28 Short range compatibles

Using a fixed 103.25 Gbps data rate, our Cisco QSFP28 transceiver compatible range is fully compliant with industry standards (QSFP28 MSA) and interoperable with other IEEE-compliant 100GBASE interfaces. The Cisco QSFP28 Short Range portfolio includes traditional applications such as 100G SR4, BiDi, PSM4, and CWDM4, in addition to 100G Single Lambda PAM4 DR and FR, which are relative newcomers.

Cisco QSFP28 Long range compatibles

Our Cisco QSFP28 compatible transceiver lineup includes the most popular Cisco 100G optics, the LR4 (available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges), as well as the BiDi 100G module and the highly requested 100G ER4 40 km and 100G ZR4 80 km versions. These provide our customers with the ability to enjoy budget-friendly solutions for remote site connectivity at a 100G data rate. Our Cisco QSFP28 compatible transceiver lineup is coming with custom-encoded firmware to successfully operate on all major Cisco platforms, including Cisco Nexus QSFP28 connectivity.

Compatible 100G Cisco CFP

Our Cisco CFP compatible version is based on the first generation 100G transceiver module and its architecture is based on 10 lanes of 10 Gbit/s on the electrical interface. Compatible with Cisco CFP SR10 version uses 10 parallel lanes at 850 nm over multi-mode optical cable, but it’s LR4 and ER4 versions feature a built-in so called gear-box, transforming 10 lanes of 10 Gbit/s on the electrical interface to 4 lanes of optical 25 Gbit/s LAN WDM signal for transmission over SMF fiber. Our Cisco CFP compatible version can be considered a legacy technology as it’s been replaced with the newer and most popular Cisco QSFP28 transceiver compatible range, but we keep this Cisco CFP alternative in our portfolio as there are still a lot of in-service installations of CFP port line cards all over the world.

Compatible CFP2 Cisco Optics

Our CFP2 Cisco Optics compatible versions include two long-range transceivers devoted to 100 Gigabit Ethernet connection options. These connectivity options can be used for data center networking, corporate core aggregation, and service provider transport applications. These CFP2 Cisco compatibles are capable of supporting 100GBASE Ethernet as well as OTU3 rates. Both of the Cisco CFP2 compatible versions are based on CFP2 MSA Hardware Specification 1.0 with modifications and related 100G Ethernet and OTU standards.

Compatible Cisco Adapters

Our Cisco Adapters compatible versions include QSFP28-SFP28 (100G to 25G) converter.